The squishing thing is overused but it’s all I had ;-; My editing skills pretty much suck 😛 I know I won’t win but it was still fun making this. Thanks for being awesome, Zippy :3 and if you’re not Zippy thanks for being awesome too :3

Sorry, I made the Potato part way too long- I should’ve shortened it down… your videos might get boring if you use this intro.


  1. This isn’t trash at ALL Cotton! I love it and the
    Song too! This is adorable and chu know it >:[

    Why is Zipper sayin’ dat in the title-? She should be saying ‘Bootyful Masterpiece!’


  2. Attention. Apparently many people think this is… Zippy’s new intro and I’m making fun of it.

    Zippy reached 5K subscribers and is doing an intro contest. So I decided to enter the intro contest, and this is what I made for her. That’s why there’s the hashtag for the contest. Why would I just screen record Zippy’s new intro, upload it, and call it trash? Makes no sense and is super rude. -_-

    So you can stop calling me rude. I’m actually being NICE and made Zippy an intro, so I really don’t like being called rude and getting dislikes.

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