Gay Indie Short Film ‘Your Aura’ (2019)
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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Donnie Luther and I played Alejandro (Tony's Friend) in this film.

    I had such a blast developing this tragically misunderstood character. He might come off as a rude drama queen but he has wants, needs and desires like everyone else. I really wanted to give him a heart, though he comes off as lacking one. He's entitled and narcissistic, but his cold, over-the-top attitude comes from his own insecurities. We all know somebody like this and I wanted to honestly represent a very real type of person that exists in today's society. Not to look down upon them, but instead to bring a deeper level of understanding to someone who just needs a little patience and a gentle touch.

    I hope I did my job well and you enjoyed my performance. It was a treat to delve into a character so opposite of myself. Yet somehow, Alejandro is very familiar. I even dare to say, a little bit of him lives inside of us all.

    – @donnieluther

  2. My only critique is that the blonde guy struggles to have casual conversation. like when he ask him if he wanted a drink, that whole dialogue felt forced. other wise these two are phenomenal screen mates

  3. This film is so perfect and beautiful I had to watch it like 5 times in a row. In the "Gay Comes-of-Age-Rom-Com" category, this is the most perfect entry ever submitted by California. This movie is so perfectly Californian it makes me proud to live here, with our golden sunsets, beautiful people of all types, intersectional struggles of race, class, sexuality and gender, and our long history of internal exploration. This movie could not be more Californian if it had a surfboard carried across the Golden Gate Bridge by the Beach Boys with Tony Hawk's picture on it while Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg blew bubbles and got high. That's how perfectly Californian this film is and as a 30-year Cali resident I am so proud of it.

  4. Unrealistic, no white guy that attractive would fall for a not as attractive black guy. Usually when they’re that preppy they think they’re too hot for minorities.

  5. I like how it is using ‘Aura’ to describe it. A lot of people have been seeing it as an issue, a problem, a mistake, but why can it be a gift, an aura? No one in this world is flawless because there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ in this world. Everything has its 2 sides, either it is good or bad, is depending on how do you see it and embrace it. 
    Embrace your true self, make it your aura, other than your issue, a better life is awaiting.

  6. Spoiler

    Umm… can someone please tell me how the hell his friend got Fin's number to send him a text? Because last time I checked Fin called the pretty boy, not his friend.

  7. What does the word Indie mean in the title? Every time I see it I picture a movie with men from the middle east. Which I know can't be what it stands for after seeing this. 😆 It was a cute short film though i enjoyed it.

  8. Ever noticed, most feminine Queeny guys are mostly SINGLE. who would want to take rude, hateful, queeny alejandro home to meet family, or friends????? EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sweet to see a romantic film, no matter how unrealistic. There used to be NOTHING like this out there, so it's heartening to see positive portrayal of gay love. Thank you!

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