Blonde gay college boy flirt, Scott, played by Brett Chukerman (credited as Brett Charles). Keith played by Jamie Martz. Mark played by Joshua Freedman.


  1. To each his own, but the character Scott plays is the stereotype that makes life difficult for the average gay man. Being gay is only a small part of the whole person and shouldn't consume your personality, interests and time. Gay movies, shows and articles always assume that being gay is a 24 hr a day obsession. I run my company, race cars and manage a large membership club that puts on charity events. The time that I spend dedicated to my "lifestyle" is only a fraction of my day.

  2. What a difference a decade makes: this story, edited out from parts of Episodes 16-18 of Season 4 (2001) of the Undressed tv series, is almost an historic artefact of how gay characters were surfacing in popular culture after generations of invisibility. Keith is a closeted gay college student who attracts the predatory attentions of Scott, an openly gay fellow student. Scott rejects Keith on learning that he isn’t out yet, and again later on, when he learns Keith isn’t a bottom. Keith in the meantime switches his attentions to Mark, only to be sabotaged by Scott’s interference. This show was tagged as a soap by some and it plays that way; there is a sense the producers tried to invert straight male behaviour on to gay characters. The result feels like a bad college version of “Boys in the Band”.

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