You’ll Never Walk Alone from “Carousel” by Oscar Hammerstein II, lyrics; Richard Rodgers, music; arrangement Chad Weirick. Performed by the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus at “Sons & Daughters” on March 23, 2014 at New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall.


  1. Gosh! Was that Derek Jacobi at 3:19. Wonderful choir but having heard the original all my life the arrangement was a tad technical considering the song has taken on the status of a hymn, almost a lament…slow, meandering, meaningful…and on toward hope…rethink, feeling, repost.

  2. The "BGMC" never fails to deeply move me….Your beauty and music is always very stirring….Love from Ohio…..

  3. I love this song, but I did not care for this rendition, the melody was flat and un-inspiring, and abrupt at certain points.  I wish they had sung it the original way.  Good effort from the vocalists but a bad composition by the musical director/conductor.

  4. Not your average boring song!!! I love it!!! What a fantastic chorus, director, and accompanist!!!

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