In her National Geographic series, “America Inside Out,” Katie Couric learned about the world’s first sex robot, Harmony.


  1. Its all fun and games untill it actually happens.i too feel the lure of it after all its every man dream to have the perfect woman.but trust me this will come with some very devastating consequences for society on so many levels that i opt to pass it up when it(she)comes to be comon place in the top it off she did say that she would take over one bedroom at a time.this is a whole lot more serious than most realise.

  2. It has nothing to do with "less than perfect" and more to do with the fact that young women today are demanding, entitled, and arrogant. Why the hell would you even try when you can talk to a wise ass, funny, and cool robot instead? We're losing virginity later because MEN are less than perfect.

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  4. Accomplishing the depopulation agenda just like LGBTQ..,now straight ppl instead of marrying real human,some will end up buying man made plastic robot unknowingly messing with demons!it not my business or judging what other ppl choose to do but the concern we are ruining cycle of life,in the Bible it says humans will be destroyed(depopulated) by its own creation, our generations is witnessing what was predicted thousand years ago!

  5. Riddle me this: Why can a "normal" woman have a litteral 10 inch throbbing veiny phallus located in the drawer of her nightstand, but if a man wants to bang a full size doll its considered "really weird". Have you seen some of the dildos women have? they could double as traffic cones.

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