Turk with gorilla physique wrestles
blond on grassy turf. For more videos or to order the full length feature visit


  1. I think he was looking for his keys! =) Nah, though not used during actual action, since the body is slippery as fuck, to stop the other guy from charging in on you, you either grab a hold of the pants or stick your hand inside from the side to hold.
    Even wrestlers in great shape can gas out or experience fatigue within a few minutes, this is a very stamina and strength based sports,. Definitely not for the weak.

  2. @mbdulka in greek there was no wrestling….those wrestling came from middle of asia, see mongols doing the same…so greeks has nothing to do with it…

  3. Very intense sport, love the techniques and the brotherly love it implies….if some guys want to see it as homo-erotic, that's fine and a compliment to the wrestlers. Let's not insult others just because they have different beliefs, admire them however you want….lets' not turn a positive thing into something negative.

  4. Whomever thinks this is gay look to ur own and u definitely see something gayish for sure as u give a possibility to a gayish relation whcih we dont like and dont accept that. even tho its an important human right worldwide becose people cant choose their twisted dna due to the bad industialisation on the last 100 year. which will probably go worse in the nest 100.

  5. I dont care what any body saids, this is the most homoerotic wrestling i have ever seen. Even if their just trying to carry out old (whatever) traditions, its very suggestive the way the put there hands down each others pants.If i was the wife of one of these men, I would be very suspicious,,,VERY SUSPICIOUS!

  6. @daimacku because there is no friction thanks to oil, and you cannot grab any part of your opponent. Otherwise he just slips while you are trying, and you can find yourself flying around. Got it?

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