Learn the basics of amateur wrestling from John Smith, head coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys and one of the most decorated wrestlers in American sports history. In this instructional video, Coach Smith will show you the art of the takedown, escape, and reversal, in addition to explaining situations like the referee’s position, scoring, and locked hands.

John Smith is the all-time winningest coach at Oklahoma State University, whose wrestling program has won an NCAA-best 34 team national championships. Smith is a two-time NWCA National Coach of the Year, and has coached the Cowboys to five NCAA team national titles. Smith has also coached more than twenty NCAA individual champions, as well as nearly 100 All-Americans. In addition to wrestling for and now coaching his alma mater, Smith is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and has also coached the USA Olympic Wrestling team.


  1. Thanks to this guy that explained a lot and details about the rules and everything, I've been wrestle for almost 3 months and haven't even know the rules until know.. My coach wont tell me, thats why I lost a lot of matches.. Smh thanks

  2. now if you turn your body and sheild the referees vision, then you can lock hands while your opponent is on the mat right?
    now how many points for pulling hair, eye gauging, or using a steel chair?

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  4. Locked hands around the body, torso, or both legs of the opponent is a technical violation if the defensive wrestler has a knee or hand on the mat beyond reaction time. A cradle is locked around the head and leg of the opponent. Also, locked hands around the body are permitted while the defensive wrestler is in near fall criteria, so if he's on his back, you can bear hug him.

  5. When explaining the clasping penalty, the video suggestes the only time you can clasp is when the other opponents knee or hand is not on the mat. Aren't you allowed to clasp when trying to pin an opponent, as in cradle?

  6. wrestling is a sport that dosent take long to learn the moves but to make them second nature and make them extemly effective takes years of practice and drilling you can watch wrestling all day but without hundreds of reps you will never perfect it…im 17 and and have been wrestling for 12 years and there are still a ton of moves i have to perfect

  7. Hello John Smith, is wrestling really that complicated? I ask because I've heard championship wrestlers say things like Wrestling is a very complex sport, you can't just pick it up in like a year or so, it's something you need to have done growing up etc. So is it really that complex? rather than learning takedowns, takedown defense and grappling…

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