New copilation of wrestlers wearing tight singlets.


  1. can you imagine accidently touching his bulge at 2:45 , atleast he is wearing compression shorts or else that tip would be pushing way out , lol

  2. Are these high schoolers?!!!
    If so, can we at least keep it to college and above… some gays have no standards I swear 😒

  3. Id love to get my tongue into the hot and sweaty hole of the guy in the yellow shorts and suck and lick his big cock and balls until i got him squirting his creamy man juice .

  4. this sport is sooo gay …and bunch of perv sitting around making photos and vids. looks at this big boys watching the fighters in different look .Look at this old daddies with families watching this boys like they want to eat them.

  5. Only in sports can men openly touch each other in such athletically intimate ways w/o having to deal with harassment, the LBGT community because of religious text bias and ignorance worldwide there is the harassment and in too many cases violence towards LBGT community. Team sports rarely if ever openly address the issue of visual closeness or in this case just natural young men reacting physically if not for some emotionally to getting a boner/bulge that can happen at anytime and certainly when two guys in close physical contact hell the smell of another guys testosterone, the sweat and warmth of another persons body and the grueling competitive reaction can and often does equal getting a bulge. wrestling is fun always has been and always will be I hope for all ages of guys.

  6. How do their cocks keep in this upright position? I mean, my own cock would slide down. And why do they do that? Does that not leave their balls even less protected?

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