Will Young sits down with Kirsty Wark to discuss ‘gay shame’, the impact it’s had on his life and the release of his latest book, To Be a Gay Man. Subscribe to our channel here:

One of the UK’s most successful pop stars, Will Young has sold more than 10 million records and has won two Brit awards. He’s also a leading voice in mental health awareness, particularly in the LGBTQ community.

He joined Kirsty Wark for his first broadcast interview ahead of the release of his latest book, To Be a Gay Man.

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  1. Why would you want to 'play up' your sexuality? Straight folk don't feel the need to go on about it all the time why would gay folk? We don't care that you're gay mate, go fill your boots.

  2. Just shutup for Gods sake. Who cares who he is screwing or not. It’s a personal issue rather not think about the mechanics. 🤮

  3. Why are our elected representatives lying to their electorate ?
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  4. Mr Young is such a nice person, always has been… I'm sad to hear that he felt this way, but not surprised. I hope he continues to learn and to educate others. I shall buy the book. Thank you for this interview.

  5. BLM is implicitly a racist movement

    If people are concerned about authority abusing people the call should be justice matters : if they just say BLM , this will arouse the suspicion of anti white racism and no concern about standards of humanity and principles of justice – and of course invite scrutiny of how PoC are treating their " own " .

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    The activists ARE trying to change things : the lament in PC is not thst the game is bad simply the wrong side is winning losing .

    Dont anyone be decieved – PC is poison .

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    It's great that certain statues, flags are being taken down but it's likely a pyrrhic victory .

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    Relations are two way endeavours based on mutual trust and respect .

    The vociferous element are narcissists and as such aren't comfortable in their own skin and so demand everyones validation : anything less than " celebrating " is deemed hate – hence dubious accusations of offence ; the rationale for why a behaviour or word is offensive is often irrational , the feared consequences of permitting it hysterical. They are manipulative and abusive of well-meaning people .

    Certain behaviours are reprehensible regardless what the MOTIVATING factor is for a person to do it to another

    If you dont like something directed at you personally say so to the person – if you really can't ignore it in the first place : that should be respected; It's not always a person' s INTENTION to offend .

    They act like injured innocent but blinkered to how they are as liable to unwittingly" offend " and indeed do harbour hateful views of white people and others.

    That – alleged – rise in hate crimes since Brexit result is NOT just because white /natives and its prejudice to assume so : if we could understand some languages we would hsve more hate speech to report .

    Regarding race and the Police which has inspired the protests – PC ideologues refer to a notion of " systemic racism " resulting in economic disadvantages suffered by people of colour – which would reasonably account for why some people might resort to illicit activities as a means to survive .

    So its perfectly understandable for suspicion to be cast on PoC for being guilty of certain crimes .

    Its PC ideologues fomenting a hopelessness in PoC based on skin colour which creates self-fulfilling prophesy events

    The remit of Police is to deal with crimes – not to deal with socioeconomic factors behind any that can be deemed mitigating factors . As long as the Officers do their job professionally no one take issue with them .

    Where enmity is fomented by race activists , a white Police officer will be conscious of the uniform being a target for people's frustration at the system and understandably might be inclined to be pre-emptive in dealing with a PoC in a dangerous situation : particularly where firearms are available, it can unfortunately result in death .

    And those involved in encounters that can turn violent with Police are mostly YOUNG MALES whatever colour in working class areas – but no one accuses ageism and sexism or anti working class

    Of course the elite direct the Police to focus on certain crimes and working class : that's the reality – worldwide ; many of the laws the elite enact are themselves moral crimes.

    So its the plight of WORKING CLASS people – WORLDWIDE .

    However where there is violent crime the Police would be accused of neglecting areas if they didnt attend them : damned if they do or dont .

    White people are encouraged into believing the myth of meritocracy/ American dream – blaming themselves for not " making it " – hence terrible rate of depression anxiety ; meanwhile PoC – are having excuses made for them for rebellious activities because frustration

    So if the message protestors / rioters are trying to send is that their actions are to achieve socioeconomic justice , it won't reach many white people who have false class consciousness – while its perpetrated off the back of the death of a black man who had criminal convictions and under the BLM banner, which obfuscates the class aspect : they will just be conscious of the " sins of the father/ sibling " agenda implicit in the race activism and want the Police to take a hard line

    Some people want authorities to be " tough on criminals " in a crass way – they are not going to let PoC operate by a different set of rules

    Race activist are seemingly ignorant to how authorities in nations that are predominantly PoC mistreat their people .

    ALL working class people should have a healthy cynicism about the capitalist system – but the aim should not be about trying to " eradicate " the class system – a fool's errand as much as trying to " eradicate racism " etc : RESPECT working class status

    Regarding " bad apples " in the Police – or any organisation – it is very naive to think it's easy for good people to whistleblow , especially if the corruption goes higher up.

    Achieving justice is a process – there is DUE PROCESS to be honoured with ANY allegation – and it can be a slow one with wilful obstructions , as the corrupt look after themselves , protect their image .. But the system is there which aspire to fulfil the noble aspirations of a free and fair society

    So the " systemic change" being demanded seems to be to have " more PoC in top jobs " : how many will be enough ? It's intimated this will have a " trickle down" effect : that economic theory has been discredited and is not redeemed when applied to identitarianism .

    Regarding law enforcement, race activists seemingly imply that only PoC Police officers are the only one's to be trusted to police other PoC .

    Yes the intimation in PC race activism is that ONLY white people are capable of inhumanity : Vile racism . Detestable.

    The activists are trying to " change " things : white people will rightly push back on their idea of " change " .

    To be more sure to avoid racism – whatever you deem counts as a case of that : know that what is deemed indicative of " white privilege" simply makes sense relative to the predominant population of a nation – the logical solution is to segregate.

    Going to the homeland of your ancestors – many of which barely feign to recognise human rights standard by which wrong are identified and justice possible – whatever you suffer at the hands of your " own " , at least it wont be racism

  6. Oh boy, homosexuality, "Patriarchy", Black Lives Matter, yada yada yada. Newsnight cramming in as much manufactured Marxoid victimhood poisoning as they can before the new Director General's memo reaches them. Times up! #DefundTheBBC

  7. Agents tell their clients to stay in the closet for one reason and one reason only; money. Same reason they try to hide pop stars who are married. Got to keep exploiting the emotions and dreams of young females so you can mug them of their cash. Don't pretend otherwise.

  8. The Bible says Adam and Eve not Adam and Eddie.Why must we listen to the minority few? Do we have to accept gays because THEY say we must? Imagine facing German Stormtroopers in 1944 led by Alan Carr and Julian Clarey with Graham Norton by your side!

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