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  1. I, as a gay guy, think there is a good amount of reasons:
    – curiosity, when it comes to sex everyone get excited trying new things
    – better mutual understanding, it's clear that the war of sexes has put men and women against each-other, straight guys are especially restricted to express their feelings-opinions, as they can be easily judged to be not manly enough,or, at the contrary, too cocky and chauvinist by the women they date.. they can be themselves, with us, the more spontaneous they are the more we like them
    – self-love, we gay guys often do our best when we have a crush on a straight guy, like complimenting a lot, making them feel welcome, massaging them, worshipping their bodies, giving them pleasure in ways not many girls are able to (the old "guys give better heads" it's simply true, we have the "home-field advantage" and love doing that to someone we fancy)
    – less engagement: the straight guy can have a wonderful night with us without being socially expected to date us, to buy us things, to act chivalrous in any way, we are both men
    – masculinity. we love their masculinity and we don't ask them to repress or control it, like some women do
    – we can't get pregnant 🙂
    enough reasons ;)?

  2. I betcha just as many men who think they might be gay and try it… end of being straight and go on with their lives.. this whole is he/she straight or gay is so fkg BORING… BORING

  3. wtf!! straight men do not have sex with gay men. men who claim be "straight" who fuck gay men are not "straight" at all. Stupidest question ever. FOH with that dumb shit.

  4. Im not in between or closet gay, just STRAIGHT, dick and harry balls and harry assholes dont get me off… i like a curvy thick big booty big lips female……

  5. …lol…ummm if a guy bangs another guy he STOPPED being straight. I am so tired of hearing this expression from my gay friends. Just like there's no such thing as gay for pay.

  6. Because they are confused about sexuality in general and question themselves and their masculinity due to being taught gay is good in k-12 coupled with being taught that masculinity is vulgar and/or barbaric.
    They don't hate themselves for being gay, they hate being male because they are taught their entire being of existence is toxic and the disgust permeates through all their social interactions until they learn they are who they are and come to terms with being what they were born as.
    All aspects are quite sad – every single aspect aside from the final acceptance of who they are at the end – if they can be so lucky…

  7. I dont get it.
    I will never get it.
    Figuring out my sexuality?
    There's never been a question.
    People know what they like instinctively.
    It's not a mystery to solve.

  8. Straight guys suffering from sex addiction will more than likely target a gay guy or gay guys for sex specifically a blow job; the ;logic is that because a gay guy has a penis attached to himself with plenty of practice of playing with it, unlike a woman he knows exactly what to do with a penis when presented with one externally.

  9. Never understood the "figuring out" of your sexuality. Must be a millennial thing. I liked boys when I was a boy. Not so much girls "that way". I SAID I was straight so I didn't get beat up or bullied daily. If you have to "figure it out", you are digging way too deep! Do you want to have sex with boys or girls?? Do you want a relationship with boys or girls? If you don't like guys, but will screw them, you are not "gay", you're just a twisted pervert! So are straight guys that use women for sex, but don't care about them

  10. My ex identifies as straight but he says he’s 10% into gay and believes it’s like a spectrum rather than gear 1-2. I was ok with it, never blinked an eye about it.

  11. There is NO need for anology. Its SIMPLE…Men are and Always have been Dogs/Sex Fiends. Gay or Straight…if it walks,talks,squeaks or peeps a male/man will fuck it. Stiff dicks have NO ~ZERO concience. If a bro is horny or drunk or both. He will Fuck ANYTHING!! Just how Guys ROLL!… LOL..LOL..LOL

  12. I actually was attracted to having sex with straight men and the only time I had sex. Was very successful picking up men (DL) at straight clubs. It was my thing. I always found it odd but very erotic. And without limitations in 85% of the cases, get it. Man I wish I had those days again. Sex without labels and strings.

    Now that everyone talks about sex so openly, the dynamics of having sexual exchanges has changed. Immensely. Want to say SHUT UP. But too late, the good times are gone.

  13. gay men always give a great blowjob, some even better, a deepthroat plus u get to bang them in the ass, it's like wam bam see u later so no commitment, no nagging and no babies, some gays want a relationship and again the sex will be awesome!

  14. I dont a cree with u on that….Men need yo grow Up yo know if the want pussy or a hole not be 35 or 45 and be straight but have us gays on the side thats where they fuck us up and confuse us and themselves

  15. Straight men and gay men be makin' sparks all the time y'all, and that's just the way it is sometimes. But then the gay guy "gets blamed" for it afterward, as if he did something wrong. Even if he really didn't do all that much to begin with.

    Let me tell you something. My gay thoughts and gay feelings will always be valid, and yours will be too. Even if you're not gay…you do not have to be gay to have gay thoughts/feelings. And it's not my problem if you are too weak to express what you feel and want to me in a direct & respectful adult manner.

    Whenever they're ready, I can travel through this with them. Just know I will never sacrifice my basic human rights just to prevent their homophobic discomfort nor enable their heterosexist attitude.

  16. It’s because you’re using Grindr looking for sex with a man in denial 😂 then after they bust the feel dirty so the tell you to fuck off 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. This is bullshit. if your a man that engaged in sex with another man regardless of what position you use you are a homosexual by definition of the dictionary. Look it the fuck up and learn to fucking deal with yourself. Guys that do this and claim to be bi or straight are snow flake PUSSIES.

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