Iceman coming out as gay has been another punching bag for people who hate “SJW Marvel”, but here’s why I think it’s not so bad.
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  1. The context is jean grey telepathically used her powers to make him gay, also iceman was heterosexual for 30 plus years. Not to mention the fact that certain writers tried to make him gay and was told no. Telepaths in marvel can make someone think you are duck on fire so not really convinced of iceman always having been gay.

  2. Its not about him being gay………the actual thing of him wanting be with men is fine its the the very slap dash method that its done with…….theres no build up or development its just "oh gay now" it also annoys people that Jean Grey TELLS him hes gay……opening his eyes to the truth or altering his mind??? finally theres the idea that hes become stereotype of a gay man and his entire solo series was more or less all about being gay as if thats his only character trait

    In the right hands it could have been a great story arc and new direction for the character unfortunately it wasn't the right hands

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love we are getting more variety in comics. More gay characters, biracial, and even more trans characters. I love it, 100% agree with it and I’ll always be in support of it.
    That said, I’m in the camp that says Bobby should be Bi instead of gay. Bi characters don’t get as much as media attention plus it wouldn’t undermine all the other relationships Bobby has had. He could still go through all of these issues and relationship stuff without saying “all those previous relationships with women didn’t mean anything to him”.
    Oh well, too late now to do much about it.

  4. Really the guy who plays aquaman, not Chris Hemsworth, Evans or Even Pratt, no not even Downy. To each is their own I guess.

  5. This video is extremely well thought out and I think it’s a shame that there aren’t more of these in the Comic Drake library. It opened me up to a new idea, and it explored a major current event within the scope of comic books

  6. I agree that the reveal was done incredibly poorly. I have to respectfully disagree with your point at 7:32. I think it is perfectly acceptable to consider alternative storylines that would have better fit the character's previously established history. Having Ice-man come out as bi would have felt less out of nowhere and not have diminished stories where Ice-man was in relationships with women. I think this would have been a more interesting plot. With a focus on Bobby coming to terms with another repressed element of his sexuality & identity as well as the prejudice many bi people experience. This would have also built on Bobby's character without retconning other previously established character traits & stories.

  7. Iceman being gay isn't really an issue. The issue is the fact that the reveal was fucking atrocious. And it felt like such a "progressive" move. If they wanted to make a gay character, they could have just made an original character. And Iceman felt more like a 90s gay from Will & Grace. Instead of giving him some actual personality. That and Northstar was already gay so what's the point of making Iceman gay? for the sake of tokenism? Hell even actual people in the LGBT community i've met fucking despise this book.

  8. oke guys another topic here so I`ve seen some comic that Colossus was gay than turn straight er…..again or something idk can someone explain that?

  9. No matter how someone tries to twist this It was forced and done for sales since the lgbt is a hot button issue. Which is actually more disrespectful to the community. The funny thing is this will be retconned in some way sooner or later.

  10. so annoyed they cancelled iceman's solo series, i was worried when it started they were going to cancel it because it getting the chop might mean people will be more hesitant to take risks and do lgbt storylines and characters

  11. i feel like most gay characters that have coming out scenes in comic books are never really done well, iceman being a prime example, it's this weird thing writers seem to have of trying to find creative ways to have characters admit or reveal their identities

  12. His tolerance towards Rogue and her "touch me and literally die" thing makes a lot more sense now.

  13. I know this is off topic, but do you think the original Teen Titans are coming back and having a season 6?

  14. I’m bi and I don’t like the that they made a established character that was straight to gay would much rather make new characters then change new ones since it feels like there saying a gay character can’t be popular on his own also this is romance as a whole is a genre I don’t enjoy which is why I don’t hate one more day and could care less about the Superman/Lois lane or Wonder Woman

  15. It could have been any other X-Men. Literally any other. I just feel so bad knowing everything with Kitty Pride was forced…. even when it felt so natural and nice….

  16. I cool what they did with iceman and if I don't want to see read the new iceman I read the old stuff

  17. So I was in the camp of that it was a dumb idea to completely change his sexuality, but I'm readjusting my viewpoint.

    One thing that occurred to me is I've always loved character based stories anyway (as opposed to action), so checking out the Iceman book might turn out to be one I like. For example, when Ultimate Kitty Pryde called up Ultimate Peter for a date, that was one of my favourite moments. As long as it's well written.

    Also, I don't really have much of an opinion on Iceman anyway, so yeah. I mean I guess as long as he still has a personality, everything is fine

  18. i have to say i don't really care saying he is gay is kind of like saying he is 5'11'' to me its not that important, you be you, but as he is a character that changes stuff if you are going to make what is quite a big change then do something good with it, don't just drop a change in just to have a change, its like if a director of a film changes a well loved character just so they can shock people and go ""you didnt see that coming, did you"" i hate that so much.

  19. In Ultimate X-Men Colossus turned out to be gay. Not sure exactly when it was officially revealed but not THAT long into the series as I recall. Always been a fan of Colossus, being gay in that particular universe did not retract from my enjoyment of the series in any way. People can be whatever they want, they are what they are. Ultimate Spidey and X-Men is my favorite "reboot", that includes Miles Morales run as Spider-Man. 🙂

  20. If they never said the character was straight they didn't change their sexuality. Similar thing happened when tracer was reveled as gay

  21. This was a great video Drake! I didn't have any issues with what you said, and tbh, it makes sense. I also love when writers delve into a hero's personal life and even if it wasn't well done, Iceman coming out should be a interesting read nonetheless

  22. Don't worry Drake, part of the reason I like your videos is 'cause you're not afraid to take on controversial topics like this

  23. I think this vid was just as good as your other videos, i'm down with you going for more topics outside of just lore

  24. I do think that it probably would've been better if he were bisexual and that's only because I think it'd be a more powerful story and it wouldn't seem like such a retcon of his history. I could see his playboy tendencies be more of a mechanism to hide from his bisexuality and I think him coming to terms with that would've been better than him just being gay.

  25. I was a little worried when I clicked on the video, but you have handled this wonderfully. You remained open minded and accepting of others opinions without deeming any as "wrong". Thanks for this video!

  26. This is a great topic and video. I love that you chose to do this video. This is why I subscribed to this channel. You definitely have a great way in which you discuss your topics. Thank you and can't wait to see whats next

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