For my Intercultural Communications class, we were given a project called “Enquiring Minds.” I interviewed 4 different people on the question that I was given.

This is what they had to say . . .


  1. It s quite simple. It is down to how our attractions influence our behavior. The same sexual chemistry that dictates feminine behavior in straight women also influences gay men. Heterosexual men are naturally attracted to femininity. We gay men subconsciously emulate the feminine behavior that is rewarded with male attention as we are surrounded by heterosexual men the majority of times. I think it is a cognitive dissonance in our sexual wiring as it is counter-intuitive in attracting other gay men. We understand that femininity is not attractive in men, . (softer voice, swishing hips etc} but sexual attraction is so intimitaly tied to gendered behavior that it requires us to tap deep into our subconscious mind to change our behavior and mannerisms. I used to be much more feminine, and still slip into it when I am around a straight man I find attractive.

  2. I can't believe this was posted in 2016 and there were still people who would say people weren't born gay, no matter that 99.9% of men and women who are gay insist they were born that way. Why would we all lie? I knew I was gay when I was 4 even though I didn't know a word for it. Boys were just way more interesting to me than girls. I wasn't raised in an odd home at all. I had both parents, both were straight, and they lived out the typical gender roles. There was no environmental factor that made me gay whatsoever.

  3. Thank you Jake, Abigail and Ariana for your input. I struggle with Jared's comments a little bit. Some gay men act more gay around their friends because they are having fun and what is wrong with "camping it up" with your close gay friends!

  4. I didn't hear any body actually answer the question. They all just tightened their sphyncters and essentially said "like, not all, and junk" but used as many words as they possibly could.

  5. I don't think anyone knows for sure why but it might be related to who gay men are friends with. In my experience gay guys have always had a lot of female friends so maybe they pick up feminine behaviors. Maybe it's something to do with hormone levels during pregnancy?

  6. Errr that Jared guy…. Just someone please slap him! 'Your not born gay' Shut the hell up Jaaared like you know what it's like to be gay so you don't have a right to an opinion! Errr son of a….

  7. I am a straight man. I am not sexually repressed, as far as I know, and I feel like I know myself pretty well. I have never had an interest in males in a sexual or romantic way, some guys seem to really be into other guys and thats fine, it just never seemed to be for me. I have considered the possibility I might be gay in high school, just as a kind of thought experiment so I could say I entertained the idea just to be sure. Just so I knew for sure I wasnt repressing my inner self in some way… and I was quite unshaken in my conviction that I'm just straight. And that is fine.
    My point behind this long build up is just to show you that I am – for as certain as any man can be about himself – 100% straight. Because I have to admit that I am also rather feminine. I'm much more nurturing than most men and I am emotionally quite sensitive, crying at movies and stuff. It gets bad sometimes haha.

    So what is my point? Overall my point is this: People come in all shapes and sizes. We are who we are, for w/e reason, and there is nothing wrong with that. Gay, straight, fem, masculine, or w/e. We're all just people trying to be who we are and get by in this crazy messed up world of ours.

  8. i think sexuality is very related to gender, im obviously not saying all gay people are really transgender but i think im most cases whatever reason people are gay is the same thing that makes people transgender. iv'e heard its to do with hormones in the womb. when you look at brain maps in a lot of cases gay men have brain activity and structure more like women.

  9. Agree with Jared made a solid point. think about it back in the day when you'd be prosecuted for being gay they didn't act feminine at all but nowadays they're loud and proud and want everyone to know it

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