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Make sure you follow Vivian on IG @vivian_but and shout to EME for the BAG lol.


  1. I feel her pain though the screen I am 5’11 and the struggle is real 😫😩😫😩

  2. Christ the sacrifices Men are willing to make to fuck or relationship but this bitch can't date a 6/6'1..


  3. Lol im 6'1 and only 14 lol well also its hard being tall when you live in a house built before your grand parents were born anyways this house i swear was built for short people im 3 inches. Away from hitting my head on the door frame the cabinet's are so easy to walk in to not to mention i have to duck down to wash my hair because the shower thingy is at my chest like i swear its ment for old people also my mom will not raise the shower certain even though i can look over the top of it well showering and just standing man this sucks

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