Gator McKlusky (Burt Reynolds) has been convicted of running moonshine whiskey. He is offered a chance of release–if he will serve as an informer and help catch his one-time cohorts. Gator accepts, but only to get out of jail. He has another motive…he believes that the crooked sheriff (Ned Beatty) murdered his younger brother, a civil rights activist. With the help of a fellow ‘informant’ (Matt Clark) and a daredevil driver (Bo Hopkins), a few fights and some astonishing stunt-driving chases, Gator will eventually prove his case against the sheriff. A bonus: Gator will also acquire the daredevil driver’s beautiful girlfriend (Jennifer Billingsley). With Louise Latham, Diane Ladd and a young Laura Dern (Diane Ladd’s real-life daughter) in her film debut. Joseph Sargent directed with his usual skill and zest.


  1. Okay so about the sexual harrassment commercial exactly how is a man expected to approach a women ,when what looks like parctically anything he does to get a women's attention will be viewed as inappropriate??

  2. Aint but one thing I don't believe about him blocking for rebel Roy ao
    Aint no way he run from the cops that long a boss 429 with duel carbs the gas mileage was probably less than 2 miles a gallon the way he was driving it LMAO 😆

  3. Demonerats at their finest, funny How how once believe in them…LOMAO now, I saw this at a drive in and now I understand what it is all about. RIP Burt

  4. Burt (aka "Buddy") Reynolds said he found it difficult having to "relearn" that southern drawl because he spent so much time un-learning it in acting classes. I got to meet him back in the '70's when he was getting ready to open up his dinner theatre in Jupiter, Fl. I could've cared less at the time lol. My parents worked w Buddy back in the early '60's in plays down in Lake Worth that he was directing. Everybody that knew him said he had a natural knack for comedy.

  5. 1:39:19 "Fun Fact, 2 pause the movie at this point and you see Burt Reynolds leaning against his car 'confident in the knowledge' that his best friend and stunt man Hal Needham will jump a car over him and into the river! It took a while for Burt to get up the nerve to stand there himself in the stunt, but he did and only ducked a little!"

  6. Watched this in the theatre where you walked in… the hugest laugh without question from the audience I was in was when Rebel Roy leaned over and said…Tell me the truth Gator, was you scared when ole Big Bear put that pig sticker up to your throat? Sccaarred Shitless

  7. One of my all time favorite movies. They used a lot of local people in that one, as actors and extras. Me and my family are somewhere in the background during the stock car race- crowd shot, you can't see us. That was when we lived in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. We got free tickets to the premier. First timeI ever got to go to one of those. I must have 6 years old at the time.

  8. Junior Johnson they mention in the bar scene was a NASCAR driver back in the day. He’s a HOFer, won the Daytona and Daytona is like winning the best of any sport even though it’s not the championship!

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