Where to find hot guys? Like, seriously, where to find them?!

Where to find hot guys in LA? But also… Where to meet hot guys NYC?! I wanna know… Where to meet hot guys online? Where to find hot guys on Facebook? Where hot guys youtubers where meet hot guys? Where do most hot guys live? Where do hot guys hangout?

I know, too many questions. It’s hard for me to meet guys who are physically what I’m looking for. Is there some place where hot guys tend to congregate? Oh well, FIT STUDS is the answer anyway.


  1. I f**** hate gay people you're full of s*** is something wrong with your f**** life you should shut the f**** thank you

  2. This video is Fucking stupid…. So basically you have to have a very fit body to be sexy? You need to be ripped to be a hot guy? Wtf is this kind of superficial shit? Delete this dumb as biased video…

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