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  1. he was playing hot and cold with me for a long time and i had enough of it…i humiliated him..:/ and he left..i'm not proud of it but he looked for it and got what he wanted!

  2. What happens when you tell a married man you love him after you have been alone a year and your guy died and your lonely and he was kind to you and you fell in love then told him and he said he never knew and got cold

  3. Ignore ignore and refocus back on important things such as my kids and etc. I don't entertain this type of behavior

  4. This is just like when us girls play "hard to get", I think. Guys eventually get tired of it and us girls eventually get tired of guys playing "hot and cold." Great advice, I usually lose interest myself whenever guys act like this.

  5. This is the most ruthless game of all in my opinion. The game only stops when you remove your feet from under the table and leave them with no one to play with.

  6. So when one acts likes nothing is happening does that mean if he texts I should talkย  to him like I'm not bothered or should I just ignore?

  7. Hi dating logic or anyone else who understands this – if you act like it doesn't bother you won't he find some other way to test you? Does ignoring it make it go on and on?

  8. Thanks, I thought I finished playing these games long time ago. I guess I was wrong. So, I will act like I'm not bother any longer. Again, thanks!

  9. Reminds me of this guy I'm currently trying mg to move on from. He initially said he didn't like me after my friend told him how I felt. Now later he started sending me kiss faces and such. Basically flirting with me however he won't tell me how he feels about me at all. Like I told him how I felt but he won't tell me how he feels for whatever ever reason. I noticed at school and my friend has noticed also that he treats me differently than other girls. Like he likes to joke around and mess with other girls but he sees me, he acts like I don't exist. I also get the sense like he's avoiding me. What do you think of this situation? I personally am tired of him playing this hot and cold game with me. I'm a shy girl so maybe I just make it weird in person or what? But idk.

  10. It hurts alot.. why they do it ??? this guy i knew used to show interest.. the moment he noticed i smiled or liked him, he would stop giving a shit about my existence..ย 

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