Things Gay Men can do to Appeal to Straight Guys.

This is just some advice.

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  1. I am a gay man and i don't think having sex with straight guy is hot also i don't see straight guys attractive maybe because i am top gay guy or maybe not, but when you said i have to have a big butt to attract a straight guy that was a total turn off for me .

  2. If straight men are into me for “reasons”, it’s most likely to annoy me or to get something out of it. Which is why I prefer to put them under my foot where they belong. 😤

  3. The best advice for gay guys who want to appeal to straight guys is to act normal. Don't try to get them in bed on day one. Don't talk about how gay you are or pretty much anything gay. Talk about non-sexual things. Talk about sports, cars, video games. Anything that appeals to both of you. Find things in common. Become friends. Also, take care of your body. Work out. Groom yourself. And feel him out. If he's showing you hints that he may be into you, test that over time. Don't get him drunk and then try to go down on him. And accept that if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, you should be happy to have him as a friend.

  4. Straight men don't go looking for sex with other men homosexuals do.
    Straight men don't have sex with other men homosexuals do.
    Straight men don't get blow jobs by other men homosexuals do.
    If you're looking to have sex with a man YOU ARE NOT STRAIGHT.
    If you had sex with a man YOU ARE NOT STRAIGHT.
    If you ever got a blow job from another male YOU ARE NOT STRAIGHT.
    Closets are for clothes so pop the lock on the door Jake and GTFO

  5. This guy is so gay. Straight guys are not attracted to men period!!! Stop making these choice videos. If you’re pansexual(Luciferian) just say you worship pan!!! Something is wrong with this whole liberal Marxist society got men and women dabbling in gay sex!

  6. U have nothing to prove who u are you know who u are u know hot sexy and hotdame smart to be your self because you are jake orion and u got it going on any which way u fan lenny keep up the good work and hotness 😳👍💋

  7. This is just you forcing your insecurities onto gay guys. You're bi at least. You always deny being gay. You're very insecure. Telling gay guys to act more straight is you're way of pretending you're not actually gay cause it's a manly man. Not a gay man. You're gay get over yourself.

  8. straight guys dont fuck men. these "straight men" why do gay men have a straight guy fetish? how would yall feel if someone had a video saying "things women can do to attract gay men" stop calling them straight. "we both acted like straight guys" you cant act like a sexuality

    "it doesnt mean that im entirely bisexual" yes it does dude. bisexuality doesnt have a percentage. if you have any interest in men, you arent straight.

  9. JESUS WILL COME BACK TO EARTH SOON! PRAY, READ THE BIBLE, AND REPENT YOUR SINS BEFORE TIME IS UP! GOD LOVES YOU AND ALL PEOPLE**I'm not trying to force my religion on you, I am just warning you of what I believe is going to come & to let you know of the endless love God has for ALL people. If you're wondering why I'm commenting this on such a random video, it's because I have to spread the word as much as I can!

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