Sick abs and bad boys were what we went for in our 20s…but once a woman hits 30, ain’t nobody got time for that! Gym rats need not apply–give us a man with a spare tire and a receeding hairline–that’s what mama calls a loyalty badge! The ladies of JustBoobs Sketch scope for man-meat while doing yoga in the park….see what kinda men get the women hot and bothered. Find out–what makes a guy hot in your 30’s?!

Written & Produced by JustBoobs Sketch: Melissa Rojas, Elizabeth Bond & Kate McDaniel & Stephanie Carrie (

Directed by Anne Gregory

Special thanks to AwestruckTV (

DP: Davey Vorhes (
Editor: Marta Bender (
1st AD: Andrea Rutherford
Sound: Matt Pacult

Elizabeth Bond, Stephanie Carrie, Kate McDaniel, Melissa Rojas, Brian Patrick Murphy, Nick Bush, Craig Cox, Daryl Johnson, & John Lin

Thank you to Molly Kunz and Joe Carlini for the use of their sexy vehicles!

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JustBoobsSketch Photography by Johnny Shryock (

MUSIC – All tracks are from the Epidemic Sound library that we have the right to use through our YouTube partnership with AwestruckTV.


  1. This is because women in their 30's have hit the wall. It's not like they came to the conclusion that dating retards is bad, they just can't get these retards anymore.

  2. My Bulgarian gf told me im too ripped and I should stay out of the gym more. Insecurity, mild stupidity and lack of confidence are a HUGE turn on for me. I love her even more!

  3. Oh, I get it, 4 unfuckable women pretending to find 4 dorky tubby guys hot. Wow, I wonder why guys think womyn aren't funny.

    The truth is if those guys have decent jobs and are 'finically stable' most of those tubby chicks would love them because most chicks are co-dependent. When they don't have kids they get too many pets because their instincts are to be caregivers.

  4. nice video yall should do a Thor yoga video. But this time theme be what can go wrong when doing yoga, lol yall all wear shiny leggings do yoga in , what you think lol??

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