Emotional commercial featuring a child with 2 loving dads.
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gay commercials


  1. wonderful ad – may I ask who made it? was it aired anywhere on tv or in cinemas….. hope it was/will be…. send a link to Trumps twitter ! and those two faced MPs who say one thing but in private do another….

  2. To TruAgape1234 – Andorra, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Danemark, Spain, Finland, Irland, North Irland, Island, Luxemburg, Malta, France, Norway, Beiderland, Portugal, England, Walles, UK, Sweden : all these european countries recognize them. So what this clip is talking about exactly ?

  3. So…. Europe won’t recognize this family but will inturn promote mixed orientation marriage full of sexual and emotional detachment followed by the down spirals that accompany such misery. Yup, that’s the work of religion: prejudice, homophobia, racism (think Southern Baptists and Mormons) misogyny all in the name of God — making good people do bad things. Religion will kill you softly if it can’t any other way.

  4. DAMN so powerful🤣I love this so much and I agree completely with the message. There isn’t just one type of family anymore. There are all kinds and they’re all beautiful 💖💖


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