Apparantly some of our viewers just can’t get over the notion that prison isn’t a big gay orgy. Big Herc breaks it down yet again.


Please watch: “Do black people get locked up more than white people? – Prison Talk 15.2”



  1. I like you, and I want you.
    We can do this the easy way or the hard way.

    The choice is yours

  2. Change is in the air, things are changing.
    Just look at transexuals and women standing up for equality. We are coming together, our differences aren't so different we are starting to see.

  3. im pretty sure Ronnie Kray didn't get anyshit for being gay.. then again he was a REAL OG unlike this bumbling simpleton who was clearly a peon and nothing more, as Ronnie said fucking girls is for fags anyway. Plus we all know what guys are most scared of in prison and it aint getting your wig split. Gays are much more connected than you think especially on the outside so you should watch yourself, i expected better from you to be honest. Do you think you don't get shot callers who are gay who you simply dont have the authority to question….dont be stupid.
    being homophobic is like being racist around people who's skin colour/race you cant see….

    plus i never know why you care so much who other people are fucking… i don't care if you are fucking some fat illiterate ugly bitch in the ass why do you care who or how i am fucking?

  4. "If you're on some dick let your girl know" Yeah,but do straight guys let their girl know when they are being cheated on with another woman ? Double standard.

  5. That's the thing but LGBT won't believe that. They think being gay in prison gets a pass for not being gay

  6. "banging booty on the side, and tryna' get coochie with that" Sounds like a fast food order.

  7. true if a guy rapes other guys in prison they'll b gay outside of prison! that ain't cool n those guys ain't shit!

  8. Prison doesn't make you gay/homosexual. If a guy is pursuing another man in jail, he was gay before he went in. Jail rape is done for power, to dominate and destroy a person mentally. It has nothing to do with being gay, or real homosexuality. People seem to confuse those two things.
    A real gay guy that passes for straight, can hang straight. If he's going to hook up, he does it in a way that wont get any attention. For him or his partner.
    For truly heterosexual men, one of the main things prison does to you in a subtle way is, it will make you asexual. You end up not having an interest in either sex. Depending how long you've been in, it's usually permanent.
    Love all your videos Herc!

  9. I think it is more about situational sex than necessarily about being gay.  The vast majority of intimates are straight, then also masturbation only works for so long. We all  are sexual beings therefore it is inadvertently the prisoners turn to or on each other to those desires met.   The only difference now is that like in society, more people are open about same sex activity.

  10. …..but at the end of the day the DL or prison gay. gay 4pay. homothug is a reality Big HERC👅😎😀🤔

  11. You know, I remember my original question now. In a previous video, Herc made it very clear that prisoners who sexually assaulted other prisoners were held in low regard. In short, he was saying that people who were "prison gay" were already looked down upon and disrespected. He kind of already made the point he is making here.

    I think Big Herc misunderstood my question. I was asking if someone who was openly gay before coming in was treated as harshly. His answer is kind of ambiguous but it seems like they aren't.

  12. Coming from a state female facility, it's almost expected by the other inmates that you will be gay for the stay. I don't know if that stems from a woman's greater need for companionship.

  13. HEY BIG HERC.. Could u do a video about forced labour in prison. Such as jobs inmates are forced to do like making number plates or digging dirt on the chain gang. I am curoius weather or not that still occurs

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