1:00 Do some people still call you she/her?
1:47 Fun ways to come out with gender?
2:22 Was it hard to come out as trans?
2:34 Coming out with my sexuality didn’t go well.
5:00 How my sexuality has changed!
6:50 Difference between gender identity and gender expression?
7:18 Gender therapy
8:37 How do I figure out my pronouns?
8:55 How long have you KNOWN?
10:17 My medical journey
11:12 My dysphoria is off and on?
12:34 My family uses my dead name?
13:12 Are genders other than he/she/they valid?
15:12 How long until you got comfortable with your chosen name?

I love you guys!!!!


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  1. don’t think anyone is affected by neopronouns except those who identify as that <3

    it doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t hurt or harm you there’s no need to comment negatively about the topic :)))

  2. Not going to lie but by the end my eyes were welling up. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with my identity and my sexuality and how people see me. This was definitely something that I needed and it just made some things easier for me to process and to understand about myself.

  3. I haven’t watched this yet, I want to respect the title so I’m asking. I’m not a sad gay teen. I’m a lonely, concussed, dyslexic teen. Can I still watch this?

  4. Im a Depressed,Pan,Teen!(and I think im non-binary) Whats up!?!?

    So i love watching this!!!! Thank you ive watched this since ive first found out what it is and figuring it out that im this so.. THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. every time i see miles i think about the times five years ago of me watching miles on youtube playing with random things shaped like dicks, buying jesus themed things from thrift stores and talking about coming out and being himself, i remember watching his coming out video titled “so i’m trans” and i just feel so thankful that i had him in my life as a young kid questioning myself, so that now, i can be proud of who i am and who i love, so miles, if you’re seeing this, seriously, thank you.

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