Newly released video shows the teenager emerging from the airplane as CNN’s Dan Simon reports.


  1. As crazy as this story is . I would risk it all just to go see my mom also. He went to go see his mom. He wanted to go see his mom. Without any money , with no food . This kid did something crazy but courageous.

  2. Guys stop with the term “TARMAC”; there is no such place, but TV Newsreaders cannot stop saying tarmac instead of gate area, or apron. There are 4 separate place on the air side: 1- Gates or Gate Area, 2- the Apron is used for the space outside the gate area before joining 3- the Taxiway, lined by blue lights. Next up 4- the active runway or just runway, lined with white lights. An airport will likely have a cargo area, without jetways, but a moveable set of stairs positioned with the left side boarding door to let the pilots out. The pallets or containers are removed by equipment made for that purpose. You might see aircraft parked 100-200 yards behind the gates. Those aircraft are to be used on flights starting very early the following morning. Instead of blocking use of the gate, once the passengers and most crew have deplaned the aircraft it will be towed to the spot away from the gates.

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