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Susanne Bartsch: On Top

Party promoter Susanne Bartsch has brought NYC some of the wildest, gayest events over the past several decades, and this documentary from directors Anthony & Alex probes her life and activism, which includes fighting AIDS in the 1980s, when her Love Ball brought out a who’s who of celebrities to raise awareness and money. Interviewees include RuPaul, Amanda Lepore, and ex-husband David Barton. Also available on VOD starting September 11.

DVD/Blu-Ray/Video on Demand

Caught in a Landslide

Author and director Jay Proctor also stars, under his pseudonym Wade Radford, in this poetic, experimental drama about a gay man named Jay who’s haunted by a relationship that fell apart. (DVD, MVD)


A pianist recently out of a long-term relationship, Michael (Jo Weil), comes across a 20-year-old named Will (Pip Brignall) naked and handcuffed to a lamppost. From this rather untraditional meet cute, the pair spend a potentially life-changing night together. (DVD, TLA)

The Breeding

This sexually provocative gay thriller sees a black New York cartoonist, Thomas (Marcus Bellamy), get sucked into the fetish known as “race play”—as in slave-and-master scenarios—by a divorced financier, Lee (Joe MacDougal). (DVD, Breaking Glass Pictures)

That Summer

A “prequel” of sorts to the classic and campy documentary Grey Gardens, this previously lost footage captures the eccentric mother-daughter pair of Little Edie and Big Edie Beale at their decrepit East Hampton mansion while they host visitors including Andy Warhol, Truman Capote and Mick Jagger. (DVD, IFC)


American Horror Story: Apocalypse

For its eighth season, Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology season does a tantalizing crossover between Coven and Murder House. Sarah Paulson juggles three roles—Coven’s Cordelia, Murder House’s Billie Dean, and a brand new one—while some of your favorite witches and Jessica Lange are back, plus queer faves Billy Eichner and Cheyenne Jackson. (September 12, FX)


As autistic teenager Sam (Kier Gilchrist) nears high school graduation, he grapples with the separation of his parents Esla (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Doug (Michael Rapaport) with help from perpetually horny best friend, Zahid (out actor Nik Dodani). (September 7, Netflix)


The Gallagher saga continues with its ninth outing, and ginger-haired gay son Ian (Cameron Monaghan), who led a vendetta against homophobic churches and became known as “Gay Jesus” last season, continues to work out his religious beliefs, activism, and bipolar disorder. (September 9, Showtime)

The Bad Seed

Rob Lowe, so memorable as Liberace’s crazy-faced plastic surgeon in Behind The Candelabra, stars in and directs this “reimagining” of the 1956 cult classic about a sweet acting yet homicidal little girl, Emma (McKenna Grace). The original’s pigtailed star, Patty McKormack, plays Emma’s psychiatrist (watch out, girl!). (September 9, Lifetime)

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