Alyssa Edwards is gettin’ up in this Jeopardy! gig, girl.

Doug Dodson, a classical singer from Boston, returned to Jeopardy! last night, after winning the previous night’s game, but when it came time for his answer for Final Jeopardy, he could only think of Alyssa Edwards.

After writing “backrolls” as his answer, and imitating the classic RuPaul’s Drag Race moment, host Alex Trebek still didn’t know what he was doing, but Dodgson promised him: “That’s going to go viral, just you wait.”

While doing press for her new Netflix series, Dancing Queen, Alyssa Edwards was shown the video clip, and could not believe she was an answer on the popular trivia show.

“This, right here, is when you known youve made it in life,” Alyssa says in the reaction video, before adding: “Alex should know this, he was Drag Race!”

Good point, Alyssa!

Dodgson won the episode, so hopefully there will be more Drag Race references on tonight’s Jeopardy!

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