Police in Kitsap County, Washington, have charged a man with blackmailing victims he met on a gay dating site, threatening to expose them to friends and family if they didn’t supply more explicit videos.

Authorities believe 22-year-old Christopher Malik “CJ” Longmire hid his identity by using photos of previous victims when interacting with men on the sites.

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Longmire has pleaded not guilty to three counts of second-degree extortion with sexual motivation. According to court documents, Longmire exchanged messages and photos with his victims, then sent them screenshots indicating he had located their loved ones and demanding they send videos of specific sex acts. After a search of his computer, he was also charged with possessing child pornography unrelated to the blackmail scheme.

Longmire has a history of sexual offenses dating back to his teens: In 2010, a 14-year-old Longmire threatened to post nude photos of a classmate and claim the victim was gay if he didn’t send more photos of specific sex acts. He eventually pleaded guilty in juvenile court to cyberstalking with sexual motivation and was sentenced to three days in juvenile detention.

A year later, he was sentenced to a year in detention for stalking a classmate and leaving letters at his house describing sex acts. “I’m in love with you,” he wrote, “and I’ll do what it takes to be with you.”

More recently, Longmire was convicted in 2014 and put on a sex offender registry for posing as a female to solicit nude photos from a 14-year-old boy he went to school with, then using those photos to create profiles on gay dating sites.

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