In 2009, Cleveland police discovered the bodies of eleven women decomposing in the house and yard of known sex offender Anthony Sowell. With unprecedented access to the surviving victims, “Unseen” tells a chilling story about the invisibility of women on the margins of society and raises troubling questions as to why this killing spree went unnoticed for so long.


  1. It's no surprise how these corner store people feel about the true real Hebrews. These people who own the corner stores hate us. I want him to have the same nasty disreapectful energy on Judgement Day.

  2. WOW so sad and its still a whole lot of NUTS out here just waiting for the next lonely girl all messed up, that needs comfort and attention,God bless them all 🙏

  3. Addiction is a disease. It's horrible. Most people are self medicating the pain away. ALL addicts just wanna feel normal and wake up not in pain If this country had better mental health services I think there would be less addict. May these women rest in peace. Karma is a bitch and this dick saying these victims are garbage will get his.

  4. We have issues in our communities, we have hard times in our communities, we have misunderstanding in our communities, we have racism and hate towards our communities and we have monster's among us that are us in our communities. We must start changing our communities, sticking by the ppl in our communities because the ppl in our communities are us! It's not about the murders or the one killing it's about the condition of our communities because this story can be found and repeated in so many of our communities across this Divided States of separate America! We must turn back to GOD!

  5. I was addicted to crack and heroin before I got clean. Luckily I'm a veteran and had the VA to help me. But hands down, heroin is the worst. You can't function without it after a while. The withdrawal was 100 times more horrific than crack. Thank God I got clean.

  6. There is a logical purpose for the death penalty because at some point in the predator's journey he must be reconciled with himself and this one was in denial so he pays the price.

  7. Even if the neighborhood smelled bad he obviously knows what decaying flesh smells like. That's why he asked if the dog was still alive. He should have called the police then. He probably let him dispose the bodies there.

  8. My God this documentary has touched me in ways you can't even imagine. In the process of recovering myself and I've always been strong mentally. Knowing my spirituality and that discernment is key but when I say drugs can distort EVERYTHING about you and the way you move and process things… I'm so glad to have come from the family I do. To have been in the company of good people, NEVER NOT knowing if I HAVEN'T been, to be with my child and have my mother who I want to make proud of me so badly. TO HAVE HAD MY DAD GOOD REST HIS SOUL. But just knowing more and more that this process ISN'T A GAME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HAVE AND MERCY. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN MY STORY. Me coming across this WASN'T a coincidence. GOD wanted me to see this. I may have never gone to the lengths most of these women have but I could have and still could WITHOUT HIM having HIS HEDGE of PROTECTION AROUND ME AND MINE AT ALL TIMES! You DON'T test God! DEMONS AND SERVANTS OF THE DEVIL ARE REAL. WE DON'T KNOW WHY THESE THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN BUT THERE'S RED FLAGS AND ANYTHING WAITING FOR YOU AROUND THE CORNER. I PRAY for the STRENGTH AND PERSEVERANCE of these women and their success stories as well as their children, families, parents, ALL OF THEIR mental, emotional and spiritual HEALING!! I'm telling Y'ALL… I've never felt something so deep. It was JUST MEANT. God thank you! And God bless you all from the bottom and depths of my spirit and heart!

  9. We fight a war of unseen things! Evil is everywhere! Unclean spirits and the master of lies seek to harm and destroy all they can. No one is safe from their malice. But where sin is it is worse. These are Godless places. Sin is passed down through generations. Jesus died to save all who will accept him. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. He loves you. You are why he suffered and died.

  10. That guy is monstrous evil!! He should NEVER be let outta prison and how dare he petitions to get off of death row after all the lives he ended in such a horrendous way. He damaged families forever. And that store owner is the one that's a piece of trash! smh

  11. Oh my God! This was mind blowing. I have heard of women who were drug addicts and would sometimes prostitute to support their habit and they will get raped and even murdered but this was horrible. If the state of Ohio would have given him the death penalty when he first got arrested and found guilty the other cases after he was released never would have happened. May God continue to bless the women who survived and heal them for what they went through with this man.

  12. Whoa ‼️ this WAS TOTALLY freaking terrifying. It was informative AND interesting. AND I guess you could say somewhat educational. It teaches you that you can encounter everyone you see on the street. This Man WAS A total Monster ‼️ how in hell could OR would he kill these women AND live in the house with THEIR decomposing bodies ❓ AND if that wasn't enough, he was willing to continue to kill. AND the store owner WAS TOTALLY out of order for what he said. Wishing that there were more people like this creep‼️ AND calling these women GARBAGE ‼️ THEY WERE HUMAN BEINGS,WHO HAD FAMILIES AND CHILDREN WHO LOVED THEM. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO IN LIFE. IT'S NOT FOR ME TO JUDGE YOU ‼️ EVERYONE HAS DONE SOME STUPID THINGS IN THEIR LIVES. THIS WAS SAD ☹️✝️☮️🛐🙋🏿‍♀️♥️💜.

  13. Just from hearing the testimonies, its like once hooked on crack, it forces it's way in by a persons weaknesses, to become the addicts god…

    This is why the Lord God says; Thou shall not have/worship no other God before/but Him, because He is the only real God that can be trusted with your mind, spirit & soul…

    God's Word gives Wisdom, to know what to stay away from, to not get hooked on things that destroys your life.

    Because being hooked, is another demon to fight, to get your peace of mind back.

    So no matter how you feel its best not the try/tap into certain things as a means of escape from reality…

    Christ said that life would not be easy; But we can trust Him, to carry us spiritually & mentally through life, to keep our sanity, when we put our faith & trust in Him, to lead us into perfect peace, despite the circumstance.

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