A high school wrestling champion is no longer undefeated, all to make another wrestlers dreams come true. Wrestling Captain Deven Schuko put his spotless record on the line when he took on Andy Howland, a teen from an opposing high school with special needs. During the match Andy quickly pinned Deven to the ground. Not only did Andy win the match, he now gets to brag that he beat a top ranked wrestler.


  1. I dont agree with letting that kid pin him so easy. Make it a little harder, so its not so the kid doesnt suspect.

  2. Feeling ambivalent about this one. As another asked, what was Devon to do? Take the kid down or lose the match. Something seems fundamentally wrong with what they did, even if their intentions were morally just. The whole thing in reality was a ruse. Pre-arranged. "Hey Devon, we're gonna need ya to give up a win for the first time in your life for this special needs kid. Everyone in the room will know the truth except for him." 🤔

  3. He didn't give up his undefeated record it was probably just and exhibition but what he did was nice for the other kid

  4. I’m sorry but I could never give up a perfect record for someone that shouldn’t of even been match against me

  5. Why would you throw away an undefeated record because your finals opponent had down syndrome? Is it his fault? No! Would the down syndrome kid have cared that much about whether or not he beat him? No! Anyway if he got to the finals he had to be good so why not at least try to wrestle the kid? It is insulting to the kid with down syndrome too.

  6. that's just jacked up nothing against the other kid but either way the champ lost. like what you gonna say you pinned a kid with down syndrome? you gonna let him win and lose your title? see lose lose.

  7. Schuko went on to win the individual Massachusetts state championship, by the way. And he wrestles for Roger Williams University. Not on scholarship because Division III doesn't allow them. He does it because he loves the sport.

  8. as someone who shoots photos for my HS wrestling team Iv seen my school go up Vs a kid that was slower than everyone else the kid lost quick I can tell you as much as we was happy we did not show it because we did not want to make the kid feel bad. what this kid did was the highest level of sportsmanship you could think of.

  9. I understand it makes him look good, but who would actually throw away their undefeated record to make a kid with downs feel like he accomplished something? Like I don't wanna sound like a doucher, and if I was in Deven's place I probably would have done the same thing, but he worked hard for an undefeated record and had no choice but to throw it away because his opponent had special needs.

  10. Why all the haters ?? Both of them will remember it for the rest of their lives, it was a win win. While the undefeated wrestler will go on to live a "normal" life, the young man he wrestled will not but will always get to look back & brag about this

  11. Yeah just give it to him why don't you. Ever heard of sportsmanship? If you're going to throw a match you have to make it believable.

  12. u have a good heart young man says alot about your character and the values your family has taught you..seeing guys like you makes me feel better about the rest of this disrespectful punk young generation..i salute you sir

  13. The champion showed great character. I personally don't like this matchup of a special needs kid vs able bodied because it's much differnt if the kidis blind or deaf, you can still physically fight. However, this kid looked to have Down syndrome or some other physical body deficiency. Idk. I am proud of the state champ but honestly, lets call it what it really is

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