One baby in the U.K. could become the country’s first child with no legally recognized mother in a landmark court case.

The baby in question was born to a transgender man who underwent gender-affirming surgery after giving birth, reports The Sun U.K. The tot’s father, who elected to remain unnamed, is now fighting to be recognized on his child’s birth certificate as his child’s “father” or gender-neutral “parent,” not “mother.”

Currently, U.K. law requires that the person who birthed a child has to be registered as their mother. But the man says being forced to register as his baby’s mother invalidates his gender identity—and violates his right to privacy in his family life.

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His lawyers have faced off against attorneys representing the Registrar General for England and Wales and U.K. government ministers since this June, when the preliminary hearings for the case were held.

Sir Andrew McFarlane, a judge on England and Wales’ highest court, is slated to decide whether the baby’s birth certificate can reflect his father’s gender identity. According to judges, a case like this has never been brought to U.K. courts. A ruling in the man’s favor could push government ministers across the pond to update the law regarding birth certificate protocols.

Similar legal battles have erupted elsewhere in Europe, including a court case in Germany that came to a head last September, when a judge denied a trans man the right to be his child’s legal father.

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