Film title, “Vampires: Brighter in Darkness” gay romance movie edited by RexRed to Evanescence’s song, “Bring Me to Life”

This video also contains a couple clips from the film, “Vampires: Lucas Rising”.

Director: Jason Davitt
Writer: Jason Davitt

Actor Dan Briggs plays character Toby Brighter and actor Rhys Howells plays character Lucas Delmore

Lucas & Toby


  1. Attention movie directors of gay romance, If you have made a full length film or short film that you would like showcased on this channel please contact me at [email protected] This channel currently receives 1 to 2 million views a month and is constantly growing. I would love to edit your film to a really appropriate song and advertise it here on this Flock of Angels channel for free for you. I will include whatever info in the video description you like. If I do not respond to your email it means I may have accidentally deleted it, I get a lot of emails and I try to not delete important ones but sometimes I get overwhelmed and delete them by accident. If I do not respond within a day keep copying and re-sending the email, I do not mind you sending it a good number of times till I see it. When I do see it I will respond immediately. My subscribers are very appreciative of gay romance and your film may find a very special place in their heart. 💓😘 Even if you are not sure if your film qualifies as "gay romance" I can often edit it to portray that Idea if there are enough gay romantic moments. I cannot make promises that I will edit it… I need to see it first. I will try if there is enough compelling gay romantic content. Sometimes all that is needed is one gay kiss to make it work. I hope to hear from you soon, love always, RexRed

  2. Love the song a lot! Adds this sense of intensity and tension! Brilliant! Can't say I am keen on the vampire thing, but good god these men are handsome with beautiful, muscular bodies, and their love for each other is beautiful.

  3. Hättest du zu Halloween bringen müssen dann wär es echt klasse angekommen.
    Schöne Kombination, gäbe es des draußen nur echt Kerle die auch Gehirn haben und nachdenken dann wär die such nach dem richtigen viel leichter!!! Bis jetzt nur Lügner und Betrüger und love-scamming-typen kennen gelernt !!!!

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