Try Not To React Challenge!!!

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Hello!! and welcome to my channel . My name is Sam but girl you can call me Sammy or what ever you want!! Just want to say Love you My Unicorn soliders! 🦄Keep Slaying!!

Be Yourself!! People Don’t Have To Like You, and You Don’t Have To Care ❤️

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  1. First of all I know I fail but I actually did try but I just can't get over hot guys, plus I didn't know want was coming.🤤 but anyway catch you later unicorn 🦄❤️💋 also did you fail or pass???

  2. I don't understand why the fuck people see her videos.!! all she does is overeact to songs! why do u guys see her reaction?? is the lady gaga or something??!!

  3. Sam is just trying not to react over them hot guys while I'm just sitting here and freaking the fuck out over fifth harmony

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