Out singer-actor Troye Sivan dropped the original, electropop version of single “My My My” in January. Now, he’s back with an acoustic version (and a laid-back, sultry music video to boot.)

The new release sees the Aussie performer crooning to his heart’s content in a nearly empty and colorfully lit room.

The 22-year-old recently confirmed some upcoming releases—including a collab with his pop queen Ariana Grande. “The rumors are trumors!” he tweeted.

He also has a second studio album in the works.

Sivan came out as gay on YouTube at the age of 14. He released Blue Neighbourhood, his first full-length studio album, in 2015. This year, he’s slated to act in the forthcoming book-to-movie adaption of conversion therapy memoir Boy Erased. (He’ll be in good company, with Nicole Kidman, Lucas Hedges, and Russell Crowe also appearing in the star-studded drama.)

Listen to the acoustic rendition of “My My My” below, and contrast with the original recording.


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