DragCon is tiring for everyone, especially if you are Trixie Mattel and Katya, two of the most popular drag queens to ever sashay into the workroom on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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The Season 7 sisters have reunited for a new season of their hit digital series, UNHhhh, which they announced at their DragCon NYC panel this past weekend. We caught up with the two skinny legends to see if they survived DragCon, and what fans can expect from the return of UNHhhh.

So how was DragCon?

Trixie: Oh wow! Well, I wouldn’t say hugging teenagers is my strength, but it is my hidden talent.

I was at your panel on Saturday.

Katya: Did you have fun?

I did! It was crazy!

Katya: We’re very popular, honey…

Yeah, when you announced the new season of UNHhhh everyone went nuts.

Trixie: We’ve known that [it was returning] for like a month or so, so it was exciting to finally put it out there. You could tell that at first people thought they were watching a clip [of UNHhhh’s first season] and then they didn’t recognize the outfits and they were like, “wait a minute…”

Im not a big fan of audience Q&As, but I thought the questions were pretty good!

Trixie: Well, we’ve been let down before. But yeah, they were pretty good. No one asked me questions that were too weird or invasive so it was great.


Speaking of weird and invasive, did you have any strange encounters at DragCon?

Trixie: This one girl, her name was Grace, and when she walked up to me her friends were like: “Ok Grace, you got this, Grace.” So Grace came up and she was shaking like a leaf on a tree on a windy day. She couldn’t smile. Even when they tried to take the picture she couldn’t smile.

Katya, what about you? Your line was crazy all weekend.

Katya: Yeah, it was nuts.

And I heard you sold out of your merch by Saturday?

Katya: It was a very financially satisfying lucrative opportunity.

Trixie: You know how RuPaul says “Everyone say love!” for me, it’s: “Everyone say cash! Everyone say liquidation sale sunday at 3pm!”

Katya I thought you were really good in Hurricane Bianca 2. Do you have any other acting roles coming up?

Katya: I do, actually.

Trixie: Only Fans?

Katya: Yeah, exactly. No, I’m in an upcoming episode of Room 104 on HBO. And then I’m heavily featured in A Star is Born.

Trixie: Actually, I will be in the RuPaul spinoff: She Already Had Done Been Bornded.

Can you reveal anything you talk about in the new season of UNHhhh?

Trixie: Well, in the first episode right off the bat, we talk about reunions in general.

Katya: We talk about food. We also talk about hair.

Trixie: Oh yeah, hair. We talk about follicles, body hair…

And it’s not coming back to Viceland? It’s only going to be on WOW Presents Plus and YouTube?

Trixie: I think of it more as a homecoming.

Katya: I think of it less as a failure and more of a success.

Trixie, your show at Sony Hall [the night before DragCon NYC] was so good. Did you have fun?

Trixie: I did! On tour we do all of the standup sets, but we don’t get to play a lot of the music from the album. I wasn’t sure if people would know all of the words to the b-sides, but people were screaming every word. I was worried about forgetting the lyrics, but then I could hear all of the words being screamed back at me.

I was sitting a table full of teenage girls and they knew every word.

Trixie: The first four rows are just young lesbians fully crying the whole time, which is my demographic. So I love that.

Last question: who do you want to see on the next season of All Stars?

Trixie: Tammie brown! Tammie brown as the judge, competitor, guest judge. She’s also the prize.

Katya: “A lifetime supply of Tammie Brown.”

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