Short Film on Teen Unplanned Pregnancy. Abortion, parenting, adoption. Synopsis: Laura finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy, facing a life-changing decision. Overwhelmed by the enormity of her circumstances, she feels trapped. Abortion, parenting, adoption … none of the options sound good to her. Follow Laura’s journey as she finds help and hope at a pregnancy center in her community. #CreatorsforChange

Shot, Edited & Directed by Brian Reed

Music “I Am A Man Who Will Fight For Your Honor” by Chris Zabriskie used with permission under the creative commons Attribution License.



    ඇන්ඩි මිනිසාගේ රක්ස් බෑගය පතුවළට විසි කරපසුව නැමී මිනිසා එක අතක් යටට ගෙන ගොස් ඔහුව රත් කිරීමට උත්සාහ කරයි

  2. Some teenagers: have a boyfriend/girlfriend, pregrant, have a baby

    While me: don't care about boys, watching movies, thinking about the future, just sittin' in a couch while doing nothing, facebook, instagram, youtube, tiktok, snapchat and of course eating is the best!

  3. she shouldnt be ashamed of teen pregnancy. so few teens are ashamed to have sex, and part of making the decision to have sex is to accept that you might get pregnant, and when I say you, I mean both girls and guys, that pregnancy is not only her's, it took two. honestly, pregnancy is hard, but its so natural, and its amazing what the human body can do to make another. its a reason for preparation, support, and joy, not shame. whoever's watching this with an unplanned pregnancy, your not alone in your situation, there are so many, and we figure out how to do it together, you don't need abortion, but you do need support. I"m so sorry if your family wont give you that, that is the only reason for shame in this situation, but there are sources for help, stay strong <3

  4. honestly, support can make all the difference, all the difference in a million worlds. it can take a pregnancy from heart stopping terrifying, think I might die to scary, but hopeful. its not the end all and people need to stop treating it that way. that was a damn good mother, Im so happy she gave her that support, I really hope all moms do the same.

  5. i’m scared of stuff like this happening because i’m immature and can’t even go to bed on my own at night…stuff like this is why i avoid party’s with boys and wearing revealing clothes…😭

  6. Previously I use to think if a girl get pregnant then she just go to hospital and get abort… But no.. It is not easy for any girl after seeing this video, I can realize when a girl get pregnant she becomes a mom. And now she is having 2 hearts in her..she feels those heart beats..

  7. Idc what nobody say I wouldn’t get pregnant at no teen probably when I’m settled and ready and know I have a bf who ask me at least 2 to do it . But ik imma use a condom but idc I’m not having sex till 18 in collage tbh and I’m not getting a abortion and I’m not putting my baby in a adoption bc if she or he do get adopted don’t need them to be raped or beat 🅿️or it’s gone be war and my baby would ruin my teenage life but that’s my baby and my baby would be my everything teen or not idc what y’all say 💀my baby would and it’ll encourage me to keep going to school and get a babysitter I trust to keep my baby until I get out of school 💚

  8. In our age we teenagers go out play, practice , studies, learning cooking new recipes it was fun & memorable days after marriage but Nowadays teenagers don't seek to have real enjoyment but physical intimacy ruining your young life which becomes worst memories.

  9. I already told my little cousins that are boys that if they get a girl pregnant that I will hunt them down and hurt them.then I will take care of her she shouldn't be on her own raising the child

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