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With her slender frame and model looks, cheerleader Phoebe Cesinaro seems every bit the high school queen bee.

However, just two years ago Phoebe was presenting herself as a gay male and using her birth name Christian.


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  1. Every comment is about how pretty she is which is so superficial and honestly just sad as if that was the most important thing. One of the biggest challenges of being female is the hierarchy of physical beauty and where you stand in it. All the pressure to conform to societies standards of physical beauty, pressure to wear make up, look sexy, get plastic surgery, look like a model. These are all the damaging female stereotypes we need to break. Its not how you look on the outside that counts its who you are on the inside. All anyone is caring about is how pretty this trans girl is on the outside which just fuels all the damaging stereotypes that biological women have to deal with every day.

  2. This person also has mental issues in the Anorexia Nervosa realm. I feel so sorry for him, really messed up. Messed up school for feeding into his attention craving mental issues.

  3. Girl you’re fabulous but your freaking arms like I understand that cheerleaders need to be skinny to get lifted up and all but I CAN SEE YOUR BONES

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