Athlete Ally is an organization that’s making sure trans athletes are welcome in sports.
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Trans athletes are still fighting every day for equality in sports. Two of them, Chloe Anderson and Liam Miranda, know that struggle firsthand and they’re working with the nonprofit Athlete Ally to champion LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports.

Anderson and Miranda each faced personal adversity while playing at the highest levels of college sports. Before coming out, Miranda was rowing for the Duke women’s team, right as North Carolina passed the anti-trans HB2 “bathroom bill.”

“No one’s perfect. No one’s gonna make a perfect statement. No one’s gonna have the perfect action,” he said. “But doing something is always better than, you know, not having a conversation, not taking that step.”

Anderson faced her own struggles as a trans woman. While playing volleyball at UC Santa Cruz, she eventually left the team after an attempted suicide. Since then, she’s worked to makes sports a safer place.

“Don’t accept life the way that it was given to you. Try and explore and go out there and really figure out who you are,” she explained. “I tried really hard to let me teammates know when I was struggling. But I feel like there was a lack of, I don’t know, empathy or if it was just a lack of knowing how to respond in those sorts of situations.”

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