He has a tough job, touring the world reporting “adventures in the world of travel and entertainment.” In this episode, Nicholas Snow tours the Spartacvs Bali Hotel, the male-only clothing-optional slice of paradise in Bali, Indonesia. As they explain at the hotel, “Welcome to Spartacvs, a newly opened ‘Member Only’ hotel, dedicated to those who enjoy an alternative lifestyle. Catering for gay men only, the hotel is situated on the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. Lying between Java and Lombok and just 8 degrees south of the Equator, it is also the largest tourist destination in the country and is renowned for its highly developed arts, including dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking and music . Bali enjoys year round sunshine, with temperatures ranging from 28C to 34C and just 2 seasons, “wet & dry”. We are pleased to be able to offer our guests privacy, discretion and total security for your comfort. Situated in the ‘Golden Mile’ of Bali, Spartacvs is within a 5 minute walking distance to the gay beach of Ganesha and also the most celebrated restaurants in Bali such as Ku De Ta and The Living Room. Whether you are visiting Bali on business or just pleasure, the Hotel Management can assist you to make your stay at Spartacvs on the “Island of the Gods” more enjoyable, so join us and enjoy the celebration of Spartacvs.”


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