My opinion on the top ten hottest guys in bands that I listen to. I really don’t care if you think I’m wrong, but you can post it anyways, I suppose.

I don’t own any of these people.

♥ Miss[Lizz]


  1. yes.. i totally agree with you
    my friend thinks hes ugly? does anyone agree????
    I DONT

  2. william and quinn are the only ons that i think are hot in this lol sorry
    but williams amazing looks makes it all ok haha

  3. what are the names of the 30 seconds to mars, good charlotte and the used songs that play?
    Pete wentz should be number 1….oh well.

  4. Holy Shit Y isnt Brendon Urie On There !!! N Pete Wentz Shud Of Totally been Number 1 😀 . . Or Mikey Way 😀

  5. Shaant is possibly the ugliest person I have ever seen in my life. He is even uglier in person, if you haven't met him.

  6. Pete Wentz is the bassist/lyricist of FOB, you moron. The singer is Patrick Stump, who is amazing as well as underappreciated.

  7. great job!!!!!!!!!!! i agree in EVERYTHING
    THE HOTTEST MAN OF THE WORD IS frerard!!!!!!!
    gerard + frank= frerard!!!!!!

  8. dude u just cant chose between frank and gerard…there is no way…i was atching and sumhow i knoew that gerard or frank would be #1…and the whole time i was watching i was just clenching my hands just hoping that my boiz would be #1…and u made my dream come true…lollololololololololololololololololol

  9. FANTASTIC CHOICE ON #1…personally Gerard is my #1 but lets face it….FRANK IS SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. :Oi cant beleive u even rote that!:O
    they r only the most sweetest most beautiful ppl on the face of the earth!:O

  11. no brendon urie? 🙁
    but number one is very good i would have chosen this too ^^
    what is the song at the end?? xD

  12. gered and frkie for number one !!!!!!!!1 ya im so happeny they are number 1 hot guys because both are really hot!!!!!!!!!!1 but gered way is way hotter

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