This is just a video I threw together that has my top 30 hot guys. Hope you enjoy. The songs are kind of messed up but the hot guys more than make up for it.

Gary Dourdan Wilmer Valderrama Zac Efron Josh Duhamel Mark Wahlberg Derek Jeter Chris Daughtry Ashton Kutcher Kenny Chesney Chad Michael Murray Chris Evans Shane West Paul Walker Ryan Cooley David Boreanaz Jake Epstein Ryan Gosling Shia LaBeouf Josh Hartnett Shane Kippel Blaine Larsen Alex Rodriguez Tim Rozon Jared Padalecki Daniel Clark Aubrey Graham Jensen Ackles Mike Lobel Blake Lewis Kasey Kahne

This is the same video I loaded before just with different music and it goes all the way to the end.


  1. No.28 (zac efron)
    No.23 (Ashton kutcher)
    No.21 (chad micheal, I think)
    Should all be in the top ten at least

  2. the only hot guys were ryan cooley,shane kippel,mike lobel,aubrey gramn,and everyone else from degrassi..DEGRASSI RULES!!!!!!!I LOVE DEGRASSI!!!!!!!!!

  3. you have horrable taste in guys…the only good ones on here are zach effron and shia lebouff

    you must be a dude or something because all the rest were ugly.

  4. So which degrassi guy did you leave out? lol! I mean I love all the boys but really? so many… I love Shane Kippel!

  5. what about number 4???
    would u sleep with jensen ackles?? in ur mind of course lol
    i have 2 agree this video is shite…not many hot men at all & jensen should of been number 1, im not impressed lol

  6. OMG. tim rozon is so fkn hawt!!!
    but were the fk is robert pattinson?!?
    && chace crawford?!

    i can't believe they weren't in there..grr..

  7. 27,23,19,16,15,14,&13…i'll sleep with(in my mind)
    30,28(what are six?),26,25,24,22,21,20,18,17,11,(hell no!),10,9,6,5,2,&1….one i either hate or r ugly(oh, and i dont want to sleep with.[in my mind!])

    u have bad taste in men, some good, but most bad…

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