My top 25 Hot Guys List! These are my personal opinions please remember that. You can disagree but please don’t bash any of the guys. I don’t own any of the pictures or the songs.

25. Chuck Wicks
24. Dierks Bentley
23. Kerr Smith
22. Tim Rozon
21. Drew Fuller
20. James Lafferty
19. Hill Harper
18. Travis Wester
17. Rodney Atkins
16. Channing Tatum
15. Tom Welling
14. Dustin Milligan
13. Gabriel Tigerman
12. Shia LaBeouf
11. Eddie Cahill
10. Bryan Greenberg
9. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
8. AJ Buckley
7. Ed Westwick
6. Chad Michael Murray
5. Kasey Kahne
4. Misha Collins
3. Carmine Giovinazzo
2. Jared Padalecki
1. Jensen Ackles


  1. Cool! But maybe I add Steven Moyer, Aleksandr Skargort and young James Marsters(buffy) and of course Allan Hyde, Hugh Lorry and Hugh Jackman)

  2. I love your choice of men and #1 in my book is Jensen. But there are 3 others that also made your list, Jared, Misha, and Jeffrey. The only one you missed was Matt Cohen who played the young John Winchester. He is gorgeous, and that would take all the sex pots on the show and put one 1 list!

  3. Hey, what about Josh duhamel? But other than that, I agree. I loooooove supernatural, it is hard to decide who is hotter though, I personally like misha, then Jenson, then Jared. I have been a fan of Jared the longest though, since HE was dean on gilmore girls.

  4. @staxjannyfan I find the same thing. i may find an actor attractive in movie roles and such but its only when i see their true personalities in interviews and conventions and such that I fall in love (so to speak) with them.

  5. ok soo you like supernatural mmeeee tooo i love supernatural but jared got married! to the 2nd girl who played ruby

  6. yayayayayayayayayay i thought me and my sister were the only ones that liked supernatural i watch it every week yayayayyaayayay i never miss a new episode!

  7. when I saw Hill Harper the first thing I said was "CSI NY. I hope there's AJ Buckley in this" and there was YAY! lol

    I'm happy you put Jensen before Jared lol

    when you had Gabriel Tigerman that made my day. I LOVED him as Adam (I was so upset he died)

    and of course Shia LaBeouf love him too


    Supernatural and CSI NY are awesome!

    great video

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