hi hi! these are our fave hotties of 2009! If you don’t agree, feel free to comment xD cause we have all the reasons in the world as to why these guys are the smexiest! HOPE YOU ENJOY 🙂 ali & becky


  1. the jonas borthers FOR ME out of the list !!!!!
    i mean in that pic nick is TRYING SO HARD!!

    and channing tatum, chris evans should be in top 5

  2. ok..u do have gd taste ..way better than this other chick called monkeybutt7.. but no offence u killed with nick jonas..atleast somone way cutter..his adorable not hott..lol..but ur choice in guys are preety gd..

  3. my favorites of these guys are jared padalecki jensen ackles nick jonas joe jonas …but where's kevin jonas and misha collins????? 😛

  4. it was ok till the end nick jonas ewwwww i think taylor lautner #1 and robert p schould of been in the video and in top 5

  5. I think she have read it but as you say in the description, we are free to comment and give our opinion, and that's what she is doing.


  7. well, i gotta say that for some of them i approve and for the others i don't…. but by seing the age of those guys i'm guessing you must be pretty young yourselves so that must be why i disagree on some of them.. but anyway great job with the video..

  8. nick jonas? you've gotta be kidding me. taylor lautner is waaaay hotter, but i guess if you think nick jonas is hotter, whatever

  9. what the hell where is Chris Pine. he's like #1 and Taylor Lautner should be #2 and Justin Bieber #3

  10. My top 10:
    2)Jared Padalecki
    3)Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Josh from Kyle XY. super hot)
    4)Taylor Lautner
    5)Lucas Till
    6)Justin Chatwin(from The Invisible and Dragon Ball Z)
    7)Misha Collins (Castiel)
    8)Ethan Peck(from 10 Things show)
    9) Chris Pine(Captain Kirk from Star Trek)
    10)David Henrie (looks like I couldn't escape the Disney stars, but he is. he so is.)

  11. 10) HOLY CRAP YES YES YES! Jared belongs at number two in my opinion. (with Jensen as number 1)
    9)Yes, but Cam's kinda full of himself.
    8)Yup, wish he'd improve a little on the acting front though…
    7)don't know who that is…
    6)*faints* he is the HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!!!! <3
    5)WHAT?! Fuggin' joe jonas is infront of JENSEN AND JARED?! Blasphemy.
    4)see number 5, just change JJ to Zefron
    2) hot, but not #2 status

  12. 20.YES! I love him on Degrassi 🙂 Although, Jay (after he got with Manny) and Spinner are still my favs.
    19)agree, but haven't seen him in anything since Peter Pan
    18) have no idea who they are
    17)I'm Team Edward, but I'm very much Team Taylor. Only 17! 😮 he is freaking HOT!
    16)Lucas Till! Yes!! and I loved him BEFORE he was in the hm movie <3
    15) eh, was always more of a Nathan fan.
    14) *nods head*
    13) Definitely 🙂
    12)don't know who that is
    11)Yup. Glad Peter's gotten better too.

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