I know I missed a lot of new movies, but I made this video months ago when they weren’t finished yet 🙁


  1. Everyone there is a film or drama where a straight student couple breaks up because the female lead has an accident and as a consequence she has to undergo a gender reassignment procedure. After transition she's ashamed to meet the boyfriend. Somehow they find each other again and try to rebuild their love. Please help I cant find it anywhere… to add more they go to school together –>surgery–> breakup–> college and meeting again–> trying to become a couple again. I dont think it was Korean or Thai, maybe Taiwanese or Chinese..

  2. Addicted will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s one of those series that you just can’t forget and must rewatch from time to time… I’m still to this day very upset about what China decided to do with this series and BL in general, but I’m hoping someday it’ll get lifted and a season 2 will be made…

  3. Some more amazing BL, My top 3 from each country ALL HAPPY ENDINGS

    Ai No Kotodama
    Seven days
    Touch of fever

    Just friends
    Long time no see
    Suddenly last summer (open ending I say its happy)

    ALL THE HISTORY SERIES- newest one Count my days episode 6 is yas
    Like Love

    Thai (I have more then 3 but Thailand is amazing at making BL:
    I am your King
    Love's coming
    2 Moons 2
    Love By chance
    Theory of love
    Our Skyy

    Not finished yet but going really well:
    Until we meet again
    History 3: Make our days count

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