Top 10 Hottest Male Superheroes.
Tights aren’t just for ladies, and these guys really love to show off their assets. Here are 10 of the hottest male superheroes.


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  1. Nightwing will always be my number one. As a DC nerd I take pride in that but Marvel has a character that snuck up on me. The Winter Soldier. I don’t read Marvel comics so I have no clue what he’s like in there but damn Sebastian Stan for being the hottest real person I have ever seen. He smile is literally my world… I wish Nightwing would be played by someone as beautiful as him but no… we’re stuck with Brenton Thwaites…

  2. MCU Cap. I never really got the witness with the Star Spangled Man, until Chris Evans, well. Stepped out of the Vita Ray machine all glistening, and, Mmmmmh. Sorry. Peggy just did what everyone in the audience was thinking. (Okay, Haylee did, but it's totally understandable.) It doesn't hurt that they spent the first half of the movie being adorkable, and noble to a flaw. I want his babies. Now.

  3. Guys if you think about it, all the white males in comic book history have the exact same biological face features and more importantly, THEY'RE ALL BUFF. So if they all had the same level of buff, same hair, facial hair and costume. They would look identical…

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