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Here are the top 10 differences between “The Maze Runner” books and movies. For this list, we’re looking at plot points and characters that were changed for the screen adaptations of the first two installments, “The Maze Runner” and “The Scorch Trials”. We’ve included moments like how in the movie there’s actually more Teresa! In the books, cranks are infected human that only gradually slide into insanity. In the movie, they opt for a simpler approach, portraying Cranks as straight up zombies whose weird growths and clicking groans sometimes seem remarkably familiar!

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  1. Spoiler alert 🚨
    The death cure differences:
    Newt stabbes himself instead of Thomas shooting him
    Whole movie is mainly about saving Minho
    The cure is Thomas’s blood
    Teresa works for wicked
    Doctor Ava Paige Dies
    Teresa dies bc she falls with the building
    New character
    Safe Haven is something they create
    Newt has a better letter
    They meet gally in a different way and when they do Thomas attacks
    Whole different place
    Minho and frypan know about newts death
    Ratman gets attacked by zombies(cranks)
    Brenda isn’t immune
    Thomas gets shot

  2. The part where Minho fights against Jorge in the Scorch Trials was in the book, not the film.

  3. The director and cast did clarify that they weren't going to follow the books exactly, or stick exactly to the original story

  4. Did you even read The Fever Code? You would know that every glader except Newt is immune so theyre not infected with the Flare. Also i hate how in the movie only ONE door opened and closed I liked all 4

  5. When I went to the theaters to watch the scorch trials the movie based off the scorch trials book but felt like I watching a completely different movie then how I thought it would be like


    how about the fact that Brenda is actually immune because she and Jorge actually worked for WICKED? Although their occupations weren’t revealed till the third book, in the movie they made a clear strike that she is in fact not immune. In the books she faked it, saying things like how she can already feel herself changing and thinking insane thoughts, but Jorge and Brenda were literally plots within the trial. I thought that would have been mentioned after the video said the scorch was actually a trial and not a big escape. Anyways I hope they do another one with the third movie included so maybe all of it can be tied together

  7. Some of these changes really annoyed me, especially the ending of the scorch trials and just how they change the story in general.

  8. When you compare the books to the movies, the movies are awful, but when you just look at them by themselves, the movies are actually pretty good. I understand that not everything can be/looks good adapted into movies, but it’s ridiculous how completely different scorch trials is from the book. Like COMPLETELY different.

  9. You should have mentioned that Winston dies a different way. In the books, his face is covered with a sort of liquid metal and he essentially gets burned alive

  10. I HATE that they changed the Scorch Trails movie so much like there were stupid parts but they couldn’t add “Rose took my nose I suppose,”I didn’t even SEE Thomas being shot and then brought to WICKED to be healed or the GIANT monsters at the end then the helicopter carrying ALL OF THEM not JUST MINHO AND TERESA like COME ON it was so annoying the movie was BAD but they can add the parts they don’t need but the ones they need they don’t add plus I HATE that they changed “Cranks” to “Zombies” like SERIOUSLY?!

  11. I think that from what I’ve seen in the trailers is that the directors are trying to make The Death Cure more similar to the book but I don’t know yet. I haven’t watched the movie

  12. Thank god someone finally said "humanity on the edge of execution make a giant maze and giant spider killer things

  13. One thing everyone must know is that movie doesn't follow whats there in the book. Its a whole new story especially in scorch trials.

  14. I love this series, but I think that it was good that they changed up the scenes so the the people who are watching if they read the book wouldn't just know what was happening every single scene

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