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These films teach us lessons we’re happy to learn over and over again. When it comes to coming of age movies, these LGBTQ movies do it best! For this list, we’re looking at coming of age films that feature gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or otherwise queer protagonists. However, we won’t be considering movies like “Brokeback Mountain,” which have certain elements of a coming of age story, but because the characters are older it can’t really be considered a coming of age film. Join MsMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Best LGBTQ Coming of Age Movies.

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  1. I highly suggest movies like Handsome Devil, Alex Strangelove, 4th Man Out, Ely and Naomi's No Kiss List. (those are the ones on netflix) Then I also suggest Hidden Kisses which is a French movie on Amazon Prime

  2. Here’s me ranting about Call Me Your Name:

    It’s a masterpiece. From someone watching the first time, it’s relatable, beautiful, and heartbreaking. If you pull back a layer, you notice all the perfect things that make it such an amazing film. The dreamy color scheme makes it feel like a memory (which is how the novel is told) and the pure seduction and desire in the atmosphere when Oliver and elio are together really set the scene.
    You don’t have to be gay to know how the two feel or to know how that first true heartbreak feels. It could be two men, two women, etc. and it still be the same movie about experimentation and unclaimed desire.
    When the two ‘start’ their fling, there’s this race to the deadline that makes the movie feel faster than before where it was slow paced and really tip toed around the situation. And, Armie Hammer’s Oliver was absolutely beautiful. He looked at Timothee with true passion in the scenes where Oliver stared at Elio while he slept which made it feel like we weren’t watching a movie, but seeing someone else’s life unfold on a screen.
    Also, the infamous peach scene was perfectly shaped to elio’s situation. I feel like it could be him trying to find an outlet for when Oliver leaves but could also be a metaphor that love and passion can be expressed through so many different ways. It could also reiterate elio’s lack of experience and trying to relive himself in any ways he can. Oliver trying to eat the peach shows him accepting all of elio’s quirks and his inexperience.

    In conclusion, this movie is an absolute masterpiece and I can’t wait for the sequel in 2020.

  3. I'm glad that Get Real got an 'Honorable Mention', ecause this film hold a special place for me, personally for a few reasons and it pains me that it only ever had a VHS release in the UK. 🙁
    I reflect well with this film since I chose to come out in a very simular way. This was the first LGBT film I saw, not only on TV but 6 months after I came out myself (when the film still had a website, I was actually called the real life Steven Carter, haha). Also it was filmed in Basingstoke, which is a 30minute train journey from Southampton (Where I live).
    I aso know a few facts about the film, like it was adaptend from a short lived stage production called 'What's the matter with angry', the film the characters watch at the cinema was the ending of their own film blured and played in reverse (kinda meta), also In Basingstoke there is a LGBT Youth Group Called Get Real, named after the film.

  4. my problem with blue is the warmest color is that a lot of the time it’s pretty much a porno and it just helps to keep on over sexualizing lesbians but yeah idk it’s okay i guess

  5. I didn't like call me by your name at all. I though the main characters had zero chemistry, nothing happened through almost all the film, the end was predictable, and the thing I hate the most about some gay films. Why do the main characters have to do something like the peach scene and the one afterwards. Disgusting. These things don't happen nearly as much in films about heterosexual teenagers.

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