Tony Ramos opens up about his displeasure with the Iowa coaching staff, and how they handled the situation with himself and Dan Dennis.

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  1. A white banner on this vid "Austin Desanto's vision quest?" You've got to be kidding. He beat an unhealthy Lee. Lee had a torn ACL, he had to wear a cumbersome brace, and the injury kept him from getting in top shape. The film does not fit what really happened! Now Desanto has been kicked off his team. He tried to break Micic's arm at the NCAA's. You are giving Desanto way too much cred for his win against Lee.

  2. makes sense. His coaches brought in someone (Dennis) they knew was leaving to another program in the same weight class to basically teach and train him on how to beat their guy (Ramos). makes no sense. Id leave too.

  3. Tony you've proven yourself to yourself, so don't trip. Life makes its own rules, but being a champ (that's who you are) we have to constantly overcome. You'll never meet me but I believe in you. Transfer to ISU

  4. This guy was tough! still is,. hate to see you go.. but dude, your sounding butt hurt about something that wouldn't have changed the outcome of that match..Iowa has put there heart and souls into you from day they do all Hawkeyes..Just a though , but he was in your corner, just like I was and just like every Hawkeye fan was. I was hurt and happy no matter what! Hope both of you can figure it out Tony and I wish you all the success, you deserve it..

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