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Photograph – Ed Sheeran
The Good Side – Troye Sivan
All I Want – Kodaline
Lovely – Billie Eilish, Khalid

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The list of names below are a collection of gay shows or gay movies, sometimes there are a few dramas or movies taking gay content, humor element and kisses not coming from the main couple of the movie only to get attention. After reading their descriptions or reviews but you still want to watch, just go on. 🙂

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* List of movies:
0:12 Free fall
0:29 Strange Love
0:39 Hoán Đổi Thanh Xuân.
0:58 Grey’s Anatomy.
1:17 Screwed (Pihalla).
1:26 บังเอิญรัก- Love By Chance The Series
1:45 ความลับในใจ
1:49 Subject to Change
2:14 Together With Me – The Next Chapter
3:17 Teen Wolf
3:26 Friend Zone.
4:26 Élite
5:01 อาตี๋ของผม – My Tee
5:23 จูบให้ได้ถ้านายแน่จริง – Kiss me again.
5:32 Mario (2018)
5:55 Befriend.
6:20 บังเอิญรัก – Love by chance
7:47 บางรักซอย – bang rak soi 9-1
7:53 The blue hour
8:34 Where to go
8:47 Club Friday The Series 10 ตอน คนที่ไม่ยอมรับ
9:00 My Dreams The Series.
9:12 Fair Haven
9:32 Some More.
9:37 Class (TV series)
9:46 Love Lie Hide Fake
10:15 Please Like Me
11:20 รักของเรา – The moment.
11:35 Vì Gặp Nên Mới Tương Phùng
11:56 God’s Own Country
12:18 Together With Me The Next Chapter
12:37 Eyewitness
12:55 เขามาเชงเม้งข้างๆหลุมผมครับ – He’s Coming To Me
13:09 Center of My World
13:23 Những chàng trai sân cỏ – Football Guys
13:29 Oursky (Pick x Rome)
13:46 Our sky (Kao x Pete)
13:58 Our sky (Kongpop x Arthit)
14:19 Our Sky (Tee x Mort)
14:24 Những chàng trai năng động – Activeboys
14:35 Un frère – A Brother
14:41 Bangkok รัก Stories 2 – Innocence.
14:53 13 Reasons Why
15:02 In The Flesh
15:11 It’s Complicated
15:51 The Fosters
16:05 디시플린 – Discipline
16:16 สุภาพบุรุษสุดที่เลิฟ – Great Men Academy
16:26 是元介Jay Shih《偕老》(music video only)
16:30 Plaire, aimer et courir vite – Sorry Angel
16:50 People Like Us
17:10 Good Loser 2
17:19 Days of Our Lives
17:30 Riverdale
17:33 Glee
17:53 Merlí
18:06 The Fosters
18:19 The Best Twins Series

Wish you all have fun, thank you for watching.
Chúc các bạn xem vui, thích và đăng kí cho vui nhe 😀

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  1. @6:30 TINCAN!! Damn I wish they had a second season of Love by Chance! Ohhhhhh… @11:00 reminded me I need to finish Reminders…thanks. 😉

    OMG!! @15:56 Connor and Jude, I used to watch The Fosters just for their story line. ❤️

  2. Ohhh.. Those shows… The kisses.. That song… These boys… I don't know whom I'm falling in love with…

    Oh I know now… It's the Editor.. Thanks for the sweet trip…

  3. á đù ở đây có nhiều phim chưa coi bao h lun
    ủa phim gì mà có Sơn Ngọc MInh v men, hay là nhìn nhầm ta
    có ai quởn có thể cho mình biết tên 1 số bộ âu mỹ ở trong vid đc hôn ạ

  4. No doubt the Thai bl series kissing scene is the best! Especially korn and knock kissing scene will give goosebumps and feel that you want that kind of bf. Lol. Singto also capture my eyes bc of his sweet and innocent kissing scene! Western kissing scene is tooooo much seems its not true and the love is gone. Its just my opinion. ✌

  5. Xuân Hùng Phạm Kang(Hoán đổi thanh xuân)
    MaxTul(Together with me)
    Saint Perth(Vì nhớ,Love by chance)
    MeanPlan(Love by chance)
    SingtoOhm(cậu đi tiết thanh xuân bên cạnh mộ tôi)

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