Tom Robinson – Glad To Be Gay


  1. Saw Tom play this at Cambridge Folk Festival, fine performance, I remember the joy of singing along. It felt liberating as a straight guy to be able to sing this,,,I can only guess how liberating it must be for a gay person to be able to.

  2. Great song, but this version unfortunately closes with the credits before the final line: "sing if you're happy THIS way". This song was one of the signature songs of the first Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, in 1978, which was cruelly attacked by police.

  3. Incredible. That last line before the fade out… A prime example of how powerful and profound an artist can be when put up against a system so cruel, unjust, and just plain wrong.

    Regardless of whether you are gay or not, we should all be able to agree on the abhorrence of such violence.

  4. I canna sing about it any more, but we all used to prat about together (i.e. drunkenly "dance") in the ordinary – straight – disco, a geological era ago when this track were a hit. Nowadays no more singing, or disco tomfoolery, too old; but still thank the Lord plenty of gay sex. Be cool, man, peace n' love, A  &  J

  5. I found the live version of this song on vinyl. Dedicated to The World Health Organization. The performance totally blew me away!! I liked it then I like it now. Dave Davies makes reference to it on page 164 in his autobiography Kink. Thanks Tom Robinson!!

  6. Haven't heard this since 79. It was completely ground-breaking, and it didn't matter if you were gay or straight. It was about freedom, or the lack of it. Imagine someone doing this now. Impossible. What would their chances be of winning X Factor? The world has gone backwards since then. The proof is in some of the loathsome commentary that appears here. Just so sad.

  7. I mean someone who has the desire to try to provoke an argument with someone he knows nothing about. For example, he assumed that I am hetero-sexual. Well just because I said I'm not gay doesn't make me straight either! I am pan-sexual, which if anything is a lot more confusing than growing up knowing the difference between boys and girls; because I still don't. Keep smiling 🙂

  8. Thank you for your reply.

    I think my point was that the issue was that the poster referred to me as a you and a heterosexual. I am Pan-Sexual – I cannot differentiate between genders. If I am attracted to a person their gender has no meaning. Sexuality has less meaning to me than any other sexually orientated group. If I was too harsh in my response I apologise but I am what I am!

    Love and Light

  9. Can't chat right now ive got a 6 inch wide butt plug in my arsehole, my wifes sucking me off while the Yorkshire terrier takes advantage of us both.

  10. Cunnilingus. Fingering. Fisting. Blowjobs. Heterosexual anal sex. All of these are quite obviously the primary and only use for which the associated body parts were intended.

    Oh wait.

    That implies that there is a designated and sole use for any particular piece of your body, rather than a canvas that artists can paint their communal desires upon.

    Your wife must be very very bored.

  11. No, he's got a good point. If one is comfortable with one's sexuality, it does not need broadcasting.

    I wouldn't dream of wandering into a thread discussing sexuality and state I am *this* *that* or *the other*. I'm not even sure that those distinctions exist.

    I am happily, comfortably, somewhere on the "likes women"-"likes men" greyscale. That's where I live, and it's only me and my partner's business where exactly that is :).

  12. I did this with my band in NYC in the mid-1980s in a bar as part of a benefit for an AIDS hospice. Of course, it was the NYC PD that was "the best in the world" there.

  13. Yes it is supposed to mean something! People are people whatever their sexual orientation! There is no excuse for making anyone feel small because they love a person whether they are the same sex or not. I see the words bandied about every day – designed to make people feel small, words like Homo, Queer, Poof!!! Well guess what – at least Homosexuals know what they are! Imagine my trouble at being Pan-sexual – I have trouble working out what I want. Give me a break please!

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