Sorry about the shitty sound. Aries was pissed off because she announced him as “Christopher Daniels” so he did this. Hemme recently tweeted his behavior was “unacceptable”



  1. This is what she lost her shit over? Christy is pathetic! I saw no form of harassment, as he climbed the ropes like he always has done, and presented himself to the crowd, not his fucking sack! Anyone who sided with her should be thrown off a cliff, FACT! NOW, if he would have whipped his pants down, THEN, and only then would it have been harassment!

  2. For anyone that ACTUALLY got offended by this, I have two words for you: Bronco Buster. I think that having X-Pac's (probably) unwashed scrotum repeatedly bounced in the face would have been a LOT more offensive than this!

  3. Wow. Really? I heard and read about this, about how terrible and inappropriate it was and how he deserved to be fined… but he was just playing the heel. That made total sense to me, it's what I would expect from a good heel persona. Now I'm kinda disappointed.

  4. This shouldn't have been an issue at all. Yet on this forum I was on, I got called misogynist just for defending Aries. Bunch of idiots.

  5. Lol I like how Christy laughs it off and says unacceptable. Shows pro-fessional behaviour by not blowing it out of proportions. Sorry for the misspellings.

  6. If the Professor, Iron Mike Tenay, can't think of a name for that offensive (in more ways than one) wrestling maneuver, I will. I shall call it the reverse stinkface.

  7. They did mention it on Impact. Kazarian was doing a promo where he said something about offensiveness, and paused to look directly at Austin Aries, and then continued his promo. I don't have the exact quote, but I'm pretty sure that's what his reference was.

  8. Really? that's it " you stupid fuck"? That's all you got say? Wow. You know what? I'm not gonna be that guy that goes back and forth so you and you're sick delusional friend Ryan ODell have a nice life. Reply away

  9. No it wasn't a joke, you meant it other wise you wouldn't bother posting it, seems to me like you're the only you that's upset here so like I said why are you alive? oh I forgot your parent's didn't use a condom. LMAO go to hell smark

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