Time Wish is a story of a gay man who his fed up of his family because as he is a gay so he don’t have any interest in girls but his family want him to get married so that their status remain positive among their own people. The gay man don’t want to get married so he escape from his home and stay in a guest house. In guest house Varun is a room service boy. He came to know about gay man problem and he act very friendly to him. Both come close but time was willing something else and then……

Story of this film is mailed to us by our unknown fan so we are thankful to him for this wonderful story. Script and dialogues are prepared by Ambrish Bhatia

Cast: Prabhdeep Singh, Shubham Roy, Ajay Pal
Script, Music and Direction : Ambrish Bhatia
Post processing, sound recording and editing by : SIGMA PLUS INFOTECH

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  1. In all the films Shubham Roy is empathetic and extremely likeable. His manner is really heartwarming and sweet.

    The guest probably didn't remember that the poison is also in the glass of water. It was a tragic mistake and he still called Varun by phone. But I don't understand why Varun didn't immediately call for help on his part. The guest had just had a little sip of water and was most likely not dead yet.

    So the ending of the film is not really coherent. But maybe Varun was just too shocked.

    Still, another movie by Ambrish Bhatia with empathy, which is why I liked it.

  2. I Love Shubham Roy- He is such a good actor- He's easy to watch (All the time)- Anything Shubham is in I will watch- There is a lot of good Indian actors,, but Shubham Tops them all-(in these types of stories)- Please keep providing us with Stories which include Shubham-

  3. the end is not justified…..it is discouraging for LGBT community….seeing the past all short films of The Snapsortentertainments….please revise this film with happy ending….

  4. Mujhe laga hi tha accidentally wo glass unnme se koi pi lega … Or wahi hua … It's not good ending by the way … Ekk att achhi ending to appni v Banti hai πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

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