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  1. MAKE. HER.

    if you have something you care about, the things you create will have THAT much more value. don't let corporate suits sell you their second-rate bullshit that values margins over message.

  2. Thank you for telling us about what you're going trough. I have been watching your video's for about a year right now but this video really made me want to support your aspiration for filmmaking. Hope you'll manage to get some sponsors to help you to actually get a budget. But as for now, I just signed up for patreon and I hope that you will reach your goal

  3. Dude, how did you even make me cry? I cried when you said "Why is it wrong for people to think i'm gay?" It probably hit me in the heart because I'm bisexual and I had a really hard time just coming out to my mom even though I knew they would support me. I can't be crying now because I'm hungry and have to go outside of my room and pass by my mother. She might think something is wrong and she might have a talk with me about it. I don't want to explain something like that right now. I hope you reach your goal because you deserve the best in life even if other people bring you down. I love your channel so much and appreciate everything you do.

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